Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Skelton

Another quick portrait on the music sheets. :-)
Acrylic on paper, for those who are wondering.

This is Red Skelton - an American comedian.
We used to watch him on tv when i was younger & he would crack us up. 
My father thought he was the best comedian in the world. :-)

As you can see, when i do these portraits, i do them rather quickly and usually with a thick brush.
You already all know i never strive for perfection, but rather, for emotion, or for a feeling...
It really takes little detail to convey a certain emotion, doesn't it?

And of course, colour helps. 
In this case, loud bright colours. Like the man himself. 
If you don't know Red Skelton, google him. 
I think he was a genius comedian.

Like another one i watched last night on the comedy channel.

Robin Williams.

I can hear everyone start complaining already about how many times he used the "F" word,
but i couldn't give a rat's ass what words he used -
only that he made me laugh like a lunatic. 
So much that my stomach hurt. :-)

We care far too much about profanity and not enough about
what people are saying, and why they are saying it.

We have religious leaders who look down on profanity,
but don't think twice about sexually abusing children.

Fuck them.
That's what i say. 

So this is what i'm tackling today...

the mess in my little blue room...

Unless of course, winter calls for me to go for a nice long walk on the beach...

Happy day everyone!


  1. I just watched a bio of June Callwood and one of the clips was her in younger days doing a talk show segment with Red Skelton. Funny man for sure and your piece captured that. Love that guitarist piece you have partially hidden in the pic too! Have a great day.
    Stay inspired!

  2. You call THAT a mess? Ha. Amateur. ;)

    I remember watching Red Skelton when I was a little girl--I'm sure it was on reruns many years later LOL--and laughing like crazy. You nailed the grin. Great job!

  3. I have heard of him but didn't really hear or know much about him growing up...probably due to being in Australia. He sounds like he was well loved by many. Funny that you mentioned the F word being said a lot by Robin Williams because, in all honesty, I don't think I've ever heard him use it. Of course, you guys probably see a lot more of him over there than we do here.

    We should listen more to what people are actually saying rather than judge them by their character traits. Very true. There was an email forward that circulated some years back and it gave the character outlines of three famous world leaders but you didn't get told who they were until the end of the email. Anywhoo, the question asked...going by the character references, WHO would you prefer to have as a leader? Two of the men had been womanisers and had some other negative aspects while one had what many would consider a perfect character reference. It turned out that the two with 'flaws' were well respected US presidents while the one with the perfect character reference was Hitler. Says a lot, doesn't it?

    I love the way you work your loose portrait paintings...that's something I am trying to aim for. To loosen up in my art. I absolutely LOVE your painting of the guitarist!

  4. You really make me laugh. You also kind of remind me of me so I must secretly think I'm hilarious. Plus you get distracted by the beach, which I obviously relate to. Loved seeing the piece come together as always, even if I've never heard of the dude. Happy Day to you! :)

  5. oh yeah.. I love your steps in the red skelton painting.. everyone is a keeper...