Monday, January 23, 2012

sick boy

Sometimes I see certain things
that burn images in my head
and until i put them to paper, or canvas, or cardboard,
they haunt me. 
Like this one. 
When i was last at the oncology center with my mom for her treatment,
a young boy sat across from us in the waiting area with his mom,
pale, losing his hair, waiting for his turn.
Shattered hearts. 
I thought of a few words that i saw recently -
and I wondered if he was able to stand in his light,
despite everything.
I wondered if it was even possible... 
I hoped that he was able to find
solace, somewhere, somehow. 
So the image of the boy in my heart
is now on paper
and I gave him his own light,
just in case he didn't have the strength
to find it on his own. 
Standing in our light is great,
but sharing our light is greater. :-) 


  1. Powerful image and powerful story. Thanks for sharing your light.
    Stay inspired!

  2. I agree with Michelle - powerful - this touched my heart.

  3. What a wonderful & heartwretching post! You have created an energy in this piece, it will go out & find him xxx

  4. This is just beautiful Pauline. Thank you for sharing him with me.

  5. When my mother went for her treatments it always broke her heart to see the children suffering. So sad. Your artwork is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and leaving a comment. It's nice to meet you, and find your blog.

  6. Such a lovely portrait and a wonderful "heartfelt" story.
    Thank you for sharing ((hugs))

  7. Such a sad story but I love that you remembered him and gave him that light.

  8. Oh this is so sad.. you have great compassion and that is a virtue. Take care.
    Beautiful image.

  9. Pauline you have managed to create such a touching piece of work here... so glad I didn't miss it and that you took the time to celebrate him... you are one cool chick...xx

  10. Very moving tribute to the young boy who is facing probably one of the most challenging times in his life. You have honored him while giving strength to others who are facing their own challenges. This was both beautifully written and visually expressed.

  11. This post made my eyes well up with tears. Such a beautiful tribute for that young boy....I pray it has a healing affect for him.