Sunday, January 15, 2012

pink flowers & freedom's children

Sometimes, when i sit myself down to paint, i have no idea what i feel like painting.
Sometimes i work from a photo, sometimes not.
Sometimes certain colours call out to me
and others don't.

Since i'm not a hopeless romantic, and not particularly fond of pink flowers,
this little baby came out of nowhere...
REALLY? Pink flowers on turquoise?!?
(insert rolling eyes here)

After the pink flowers, the night was still young,
and as I glanced at one of the books on my shelf
I knew exactly what i wanted to paint.

I've always loved this book cover.
From a book called "Freedom's children", by Velma Maia Thomas.

There's something so gentle 
and hopeful
and kind
about these two women,
reading together.

I think an image like this one needs little detail.

This is done on a cream 5" x 7" cardboard, normally used for mats.
I may put this in my ETSY shop. We'll see.

I wondered, if i hadn't continued painting my pink flowers,
if i had questioned the pink
and the turquoise,
and trashed it before it was done,
would i have felt inspired to paint this?

Maybe sometimes,
we need to get certain things out of our systems
to make room for new inspiration.

The key is to avoid judgement,
be patient
and trust the process.

Wishing you all new inspiration this week
and a peaceful process. :-)


  1. "Maybe sometimes, we need to get certain things out of our systems to make room for new inspiration." This is so true! So well said. And I LOVE the painting of the reading women!

  2. Very lovely post!
    So glad i stopped by for a visit. :]
    Yes... I agree, "trust the process".
    Happy Monday. *hugs*

  3. Your portrayal of the women is very compelling! I feel inspired!

  4. Thank you ladies... it always warms my heart to read such comments.