Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy time

Only a few days left before i mail in my SKETCHBOOK PROJECT
and lucky for me, only a few pages left. :-) 
I decided on a simple black micron pen illustration,
although i ended up adding a bit of black pencil here & there.
I'll be adding text on the right hand side of the page,
just not sure what i'll be writing yet.

This is Etta James in her younger days.
For those of you who don't know of her,
Etta was a fabulous American jazz & blues singer
who just passed away last Friday. 
If any of you don't know of her,
you must at least listen to this one song of hers called AT LAST.
mmmmmm... i hear it in my head already.  :-) 
My heart melts as soon as the song begins...
And so, i had a wonderful evening
drawing in my little blue room
and then finished off the evening
with a shower & my happy time soap. 
I'm easy to please. :-)
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Make time for something that makes you smile.


  1. Excellent sketch ~ love it ~ very vibrant and dynamic ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/CED

  2. I love this! I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a comment so that I found yours! I"m going to try some of that shower cream, too. I love citrus scented soaps. I usually use a grapefruit one by St. Ives.

  3. pauline. thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I wish I could subscribe by email to yours and I'd read it then, as i am either too lazy or too unfocussed to use my google reader anymore, my bad, lol. at any rate, you sure are a great sketcher and wonderful artist. I look and see how well you *get* a person's whole face as that is what we recognize and so it looks like a dead-on likeness. To me, that is talent. and a gift. i can't play chopsticks on that. xoxo

  4. Such a beautiful sketch Pauline. She has wonderful energy and light. I hadn't realized she passed away, so sad. Such a gifted woman. You've made her a lovely tribute.

  5. love Etta James and Micron Pens. Great sketch!

  6. AT LAST...now I'm hearing it in my head, too. Your sketch is amazing--you really have a way with character sketches! And I may have to try that shower cream just because it has such a cool name :)

  7. Pauline... Beautiful drawing to commemorate an amazing singer.. you got her right on.

  8. What a fabulous sketch - I love the looseness of it, yet I knew right away who it was. Thanks for the visit and kind words about my windows :)

  9. Such a moving sketch of Etta! I've seen that soap at the store and have been tempted to buy it..so now that I've heard its praises I'll have to buy it for sure :0)

  10. Nice sketch! I'd love to see more like this. I'll have to listen to Etta tonight, I didn't realize that she had died.

  11. A happy post, even if it has a touch of sadness. I've heard of Etta James, but as I'm not particularly fond of jazz, I haven't heard any of her music. Your sketch is fabulous! *Smiling* at your happy shampoo!

  12. I love those pens and you are sooo great at portraits.... keep think I will get back to them but think I will just cheer you on instead... love the happy time soap... great name...xx

  13. Fantastic sketch!!
    Those pens are great, aren't they?
    Congratulations, on completing The Sketch Book Project... what fun! :]

  14. Wonderful sketch, Pauline! Etta James had an amazing voice though I must admit I've never been a huge fan of jazz or the blues.

  15. I love this drawing! just had to tell you :)