Sunday, August 25, 2013

angels and aliens

A little bit of art
and very few words...

a butterfly to be...

added markings...

...added turquoise paint

then it was way too colorful,
so i added white...
then more markings (pencil + charcoal)

whatever you see is fine by me. :-)

and a few thoughts for the day
from the book "SOUL PANCAKE"

Happy Sunday to you all...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

dark clouds and blue moons

There was a star riding through clouds one night,
and I said to the star, "Consume me".
- Virginia Woolf, The Waves
I've become obsessed with clouds lately...
maybe because i'm indoor most of the day now
and i'm that much more impressed with the sky.
 ...and how can one not be impressed
with a sky like this one?
I took this last week, when they were forecasting
severe thunder storms,
although we ended up getting nothing
but a few raindrops and extreme beauty.
i can see why people used to think
the gods were angry whenever skies like these developed...
it's pretty impressive to look up & see this.

...i loved this distinct line in the sky...
dark against light.
light against dark.
and these unexplainable, beautiful blobs of scattered light.
I took this photo from outside,
so i'm not really sure what the light is all about.

I smile as i remember what my teenage son gave me as an explanation:

I found this feather earlier this week
during my walk.
...and an empty notebook, 
just waiting for words.
some old art (since i have nothing new these days)...
Here's to howling at the blue moon tonight.

And here's to all of you and your thoughtful comments.
Thank you
for taking the time
to let me know you're out there - listening.

(one of my favorite songs these days)...

Monday, August 12, 2013

joni mitchell and balloons make me smile

hi everyone!
Is this not a cool cloud?!

It almost looks like smoke... but it's a cloud,
and no fancy photoshopping here - just me & my cheapo camera.

i've made such little art lately,
but i'll share the little bit that i do have.
i did this a few weeks ago. 
Or maybe months ago.
i may have already shared.
This is what working in a cubicle does to an artist.
Burns out brain cells. ;-)
i sometimes sketch while watching tv...

This quick sketch was done while i watched a documentary
about the disappearing forest in BC (Canada)...
So sad to watch all those beautiful, majestic, fir trees being cut down,
all in the name of progress.

And as usual,
the governments turning a blind eye.

"A fool sees not the same tree
that a wise man sees".
- William Blake

more scribblings... and quotes.

this is what i feel like sometimes
after weeks in the confines of gray walls.

Holy hell, imagine what i'd look like
if i had chosen the gray cubicle my whole LIFE...!?!
and a hopeful little guy with a balloon.

Balloons are always fun and lighthearted,
two things i am obviously lacking in my life at this time. 

...and little miss ballerina in her pink tutu.

i made the choice to find myself a job outside the home for a while,
and as grateful as i am that i got exactly what i wanted -
I am also so relieved that it is coming to an end soon...

Everyone there is kind
....well, mostly everyone (wink wink)
but I feel like i'm holding my breath under water
without art & writing as part of my daily routine.

I miss art.

I miss making things.
I miss experimenting
and sharing
and inspiring
and learning
and discovering
and painting
and daring
and noticing

That's it.
It's the feeling part.

So my dear friends...
soon, i'll be back to
making art full time again
and writing again
and sharing with all of you
lovely souls.

I may be eating kraft dinner,
but i'm totally ok with that.
As long as i can eat it
between paintings. :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead...