Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy flowers

A new focus for me these days... not quite sure where this will lead, but we'll see. I so enjoyed painting this. A meditation of sorts. :o)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that it's ok to play - that it's ok if everything isn't a masterpiece, and that sometimes (perhaps most times), it's more about the process than the end result.

When I'm old & grey, I may find myself a different person than the one I thought I would become - but does that really matter, in the end? Isn't it more about the connections I made along the way - the lessons I learned, the freedom I felt to be who I wanted to be at the time? Change is inevitable, and the fact that I am one way today, doesn't mean I will be this way tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself & give yourself permission. :o)

Monday, June 27, 2011

cello woman

I got a little carried away with the length of her neck here... maybe it was subconscious, as if she was slowly becoming a cello herself... : )

Last night was one of those nights were I just had to paint something. Whenever I feel like this, i don't waste much time looking for a specific image. I usually find something within 10 minutes top, and get to it. You've got to harness the inspiration or the energy as soon as it happens, otherwise, it's gone. Opportunity comes knocking all the time - we just don't always answer the door. The same thing goes for inspiration and creativity. Whenever we feel that urge to write something, or paint something, or play something - it's time. It's up to us to pick up the brush or the pen or the guitar and get to it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

love fish...

Greetings! I haven't posted in a while because for the past few weeks, most of my creative energy has gone into an e-course I've been taking called DO WHAT YOU LOVE FOR LIFE. I am not only learning every day, but I am connecting to like-minded people across the globe who share my passion for art. Every day brings me closer to what feels like "home". One of the best courses I've taken so far. I'm feeling a little cracked open these days... but in a good way. : )

So here's a little illustration I did years ago... they were actually greeting cards. This caption always made me smile (wanna make bubbles?)

Friday, June 10, 2011

boy and his grandfather

This is part of a painting i did a while ago, of a jewish boy & his grandfather.
Both died in the holocaust.