Saturday, August 30, 2014

hellooooooo friends!

It is so hard to leave—until you leave.
And then it is the easiest goddamned thing
in the world.
- John Green, Paper Towns

hello long lost loved ones!! :-)
When I decided to take a little break from everything
in early August, I needed it.

I was feeling pressure to blog (instead of joy),
a duty to paint (instead of inspiration)
and just plain tired of everything,
including the pressure to be everything on social media.
Especially that last one…

Sometimes, a few weeks away from things
really helps to get a new, fresh perspective.
During the past few weeks,
I disconnected from social media almost totally.
I watched very little TV.
I walked.
I listened to good music.
I dabbled in a bit of art, but really very little.
I wrote and I read more than anything,
for my own pleasure and nothing more.

As I get more comfortable
with the fact that I am an introvert,
I've decided to make a few changes
concerning social media.
Facebook is out. Total waste of time for me.
Pinterest is in. (visual candy!)
Twitter’s not out the door yet, but it’s close.
Instagram. I’ve yet to use Instagram seriously.
I logged in, took a few pics, and then never touched it again,
but I do understand its value, and I love taking photos,
so I’m giving it another try. Soon.
Blogging is IN!
(Yay again!)
 this watercolor began as a half handsome man...
and ended up looking like Chief Dan George! sheeesh.
Talk about ending with something so different
than what I had imagined.
 and then this came out of left field...?
ok, so where was I...

oh yeah - I also read this during my time off
and I just think it's something
we all need to hear now and then:

We hear “do what you love” so often
from those few people who it did work for,
for whom the stars aligned,
and from them it sounds like good advice.
They’re successful, aren’t they?
If we follow their advice, we’ll be successful, too! […]
We rarely hear the advice of the person
who did what they loved and stayed poor
or was horribly injured for it.
Professional gamblers, stuntmen,
washed up cartoonists like myself:
we don’t give speeches at corporate events.
We aren’t paid to go to the World Domination Summit
and make people feel bad.
We don’t land book deals
or speak on Good Morning America.
- Rachel Nabors, DON'T do what you love
She may sound a bit bitter,
but there's a lot of truth to this.
I still believe it’s important
to try to weave in what you love
as much as you can in your day,
but we’re often led to believe
that if we do what we love,
the money will follow, and sadly,
that’s not always the case.
That's not even often the case.
It works for some, but not for everyone.
Doing what you love shouldn’t be
about making money.
It should be about making you happy
while you’re doing it.
(You know this by now, right?)
 So speaking of happiness...
I’m happy to be back here
(even if I may slowly ease into it)
and I will make it a point to visit some
of your blogs at least once a week.
As much as I love writing on my own blog,
I also love the connection with all of you.
I love seeing what you’re all up to,
in your own little corner of the world.

My well feels full again.
My path much clearer.
Bring it on, baby. 
(acrylic on paper)

Rainbow skies and
ice cream cones to all of you... xx