Saturday, January 21, 2012

hello Saturday...

Finally the weekend.

Lately, I've felt such a need to get my shit together,
mentally & physically.

I just seem to have little bits & pieces everywhere
and a real lack of focus.

I have a few things on the go that I'm really excited about,
like the SPARK KIT by Danielle Laporte,
and great e-courses,
and inspiring books,
and my own writing,
and daily (or almost daily) painting.

And of course, like most people,
i have a few other less exciting things on the go too.

It all feels overwhelming at times.

There are times where i feel like i could climb Mount Everest,
and other times where i feel much less sure of myself.

During these times of doubt,
it's important
not to compare ourselves to others.

We must all define success
on our own terms.

Success for one may mean having a million dollars in the bank,
and for another
it may mean having a $100 and being able to share half of it
with someone in need.

On some days,
success for me means enjoying a few hours to myself in a book shop,
or sharing a great conversation with a friend over Chai Latte.

However it is you define your own success,
i hope you get your fill this weekend.


  1. such an inspiring post; both your words and BRs!

  2. Hi there Pauline, Seems this time of year does this to most of us.. I think it is ok to go with the flow , be it slower or faster.. cause there are always busier times of year and then I don't know which way is up.. I agree with the quote you posted.
    ...sometimes we have to push on through.. sometimes we just have to give ourselves a break.. I used to feel guilty when I wasn't producing every waking minute but in the last while I have started to get easier on myself.

  3. Great quote!! Hang in there, everything will change in a minute :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. Pauline, that is a fantastic post. I feel I could have written that too but much, much less eloquently. But I'm with you but lets keep on keepin' on:) I love visiting your blog, you are amazingly good with both words and a paintbrush! Back soon:)

  5. Really love this post. Very inspirational!

  6. You said it so well Pauline. I too find this time of year to be a time of renewal but also my time for hibernation. An odd, and often uncomfortable, combination.

  7. I hear ya! I always feel like i have a million plans in my head, but only a few hours a day to try to get them going. Focus is such a fleeting commodity these days :)