Saturday, September 22, 2012

danger: too much positiveness can cause blindness...

It's not what you look at that matters,
it's what you see. 
Henry David Thoreau

hello people!

A quick little watercolor from this morning.
Sometimes i feel like being precise, sometimes not.

Can you guess what this morning was?! 
hint: NOT. 

It's a rainy day here today.

I love the rain.

It may seem like this little watercolor was inspired by the rain, but it wasn't.

It was inspired by this:
I've discovered lately that i can only take so much positiveness.

Especially the fake, overdone, super fantabulous, shiny sparkly kind.
The kind that makes you feel yucky.
I'm sure you all know what i mean.

I believe it's important to see the whole of life,
not just the good parts.
I also believe life is unfair and that sometimes,
what's possible for one person is absolutely impossible for another.

Denying this reality is denying what life really is.

I've read too many blog posts lately from people
who are living the good life,
raking in the cash, living on some tropical island somewhere,
illness free, debt free, barefoot in the sand,
trying to inspire me to do the same.

Well duh... happiness in such conditions
is not a huge surprise!

For most of us, this is not reality,
and i believe it can be as harmful as helpful if we get too wrapped up 
in someone else's story... someone else's fairy tale.

Anyone can be positive when everything is rainbows and sparkles.
The real character of a person is seen
when the world around them crumbles.
When they lose their house,
or their child,
or their health...

That's when you see the real character of a person.

Most of us have mortgages,
and debt,
and illness,
and dependant children,
and daily challenges that would render many dysfunctional.

What impresses me is the young mother
who is in her 3rd round of chemotherapy
and still faces the day with a smile on her face and courage in her heart.

What impresses me is the man who has lost the love of his life
and is on the verge of losing his house
and still finds it in his heart to volunteer and help others in need.

I hesitate to take the advice of many of these so called
spiritual/financial/life coach gurus...

Real spiritually is free.

I am weary of those who charge a fee for enlightenment -
of those who claim that they will show you the way,
and it'll only cost you five thousand dollars for a 3 day retreat.

I am weary of those who tell others
that anyone can manifest anything at anytime in their lives.

I have a friend who is a quadriplegic.

If he could manifest anything
don't you think he'd be walking?

And if he believed in this crap,
how would he feel about the fact that he is not walking?

I'll tell you how he would feel.
He would feel like a failure.

He would feel like he is doing something wrong...
he is manifesting the wrong thing.
He is not concentrating hard enough,
or trusting or praying hard enough.

We should be careful about what we tell others
they can DO in their lives.

I was skeptical when the book THE SECRET was published.
I realize it may have helped a lot of people,
but my first thought at seeing the book was:

Sugar and spice (and bullshit) in a fancy package.

I want to cry every time i see a televangelist in his shiny suit
and puppy dog eyes,
raking in millions from people who barely have enough to eat.

And yet - these people choose to send in their money...
believing it'll somehow give them a ticket to heaven.

So my little watercolor here is really about being bombarded with 
too much positiveness
and only needing a little bit for myself.

The one little heart is really all i need.

I don't need to be loved by everyone, 
nor do i need (or want) to love everyone.

Some people are assholes.
I don't love those. 

I believe we all do what we can to make our lives better

or easier

or more meaningful

or healthier

or happier...

i just think we all have our own ways of doing this,
and what works for one may not work for the other.

Find you OWN way to make your life meaningful.

You know what your life needs.

Don't let others tell you what you need to "do" to be ok.
Be the boss of you. :-)

You'll be glad you did.


  1. I like it. Well said. I get so upset by TV evangelists, that I get sick if I don't clear my brain of it. And gee, I vented all kinds of frustration in my journal yesterday, and posted it, and felt better for it. Be real. ~ kath

  2. Yes, there are many so-called "love and light" people who are too ready to prey on the vulnerable. Truly despicable. :-(

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  4. wow this is one fab post and some of it made me laugh.
    Your little girl has it right; shelter in her comfort zone and let the rest wash over her. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Very well said, and I agree! Life is about being true to oneself through all the experiences ones encounters and doing what one feels attune to life. :) Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, and your painting. It is beautiful and I see and feel what you wrote very vividly. Wishing you well in all that you do :)

  6. A very meaningful post. Conning people out of their goods isn't limited to televangelists. It's everywhere you turn. That's why it is important that we love (but not necessarily like) everyone. That's "agape love". What a marvelous place this would be if only everyone treated everyone else as he/she wished to be treated. Your painting turned out beautiful. I love the colors. The little one under the cover reminds me of my daughter. She was so shy that figuratively she hid a lot of the time. Like you, she was always so wise in recognizing fakery.

  7. I am so glad that you and your lovely painted girl have found what they need. That's what it's all about - however you get there. Thank you for sharing your feelings - very strongly and frankly said. Visiting through Artists in Blogland.

  8. Oh, Pauline, reading all this was a difficult task for me, but I think I understood everything and I agree with you!
    You said everything I could not add anything.
    I want to send a big hug. Have a good Sunday and a week full of sweet hearts ♥ :) ♥

  9. Where are these people with shiny lives???? I always have an overwhelming urge to egg them.... as to evangelists... you guys are awash with them... it seems over here people can't be bothered as they are too busy going to the footy or cricket!!!! I don't miss those self help aspects of your fair country... we were so gob smacked when we lived there at how they were everywhere on tv and on bookshelves... it was all so foreign to see it...
    Great post... love the watercolour as well...perfectly composed...xx

  10. Cute! That's the exact same watercolour palette I use. I love it! It's the perfect size for indoor and outdoor painting.

  11. Magnificent post with a wonderful visual. You are so right that we each need to find our own way and respect each person's journey.

  12. I can soooo relate to your post - and totally agree! I have a real concern about such things. In my own life I have come across these very type of people too many times... I have learnt to walk away now - no run!!
    I love your little girl, and the nice loose colour :-)

  13. I agree: the "power of positive thinking" is a dangerous cliche. It instills guilt in some,give false hope to others and in general chokes out honesty and authenticity.

  14. Pauline,
    I always find your blog posts insightful.
    And I love this sweet, whimsical little watercolor of yours.
    Have a good weekend.

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. Very interesting post, and so true. Being so up-beat seems to be a very American thing - and when we see the TV evangelists on movies we always think there can't be real people like that, but it there are. There are all shades of colour and emotion in life and we need the down days to make us appreciate the better ones. So many people have every day a hard day, that it makes me unable to feel self-pity.
    Love your posts.

  16. Oh Pauline, you just really know how to say things! I've been struggling with this also, and you just expressed my still confused thoughts perfectly! What you say is exactly how I feel! I needed to hear this, so thanks! Your painting is lovely and expresses your words baeutifully.

  17. Beautiful watercolor..deeply meaningful and poetic..the colors and energy are flowing and blissful. This image powerfully depicts your feelings and insights..and the spirit of your message shines through wonderfully!

  18. it is always both strange and deLIGHTfull when I read someone who has apparently read my mind; especially the very small print!!!

    the friend you speak of, who is quadriplegic, that really sang to me. so often I have felt I am a "failure" BEcause of my physical abilities, limited, "dis-" or whatever prefix or suffix. when I finally saw them as my special gifts, I was able, finally, to stop measuring myself against other people's "apparent" outsides.

    it's something that should BE labelled clearly DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME...
    love the painting. exquisitely delicious bundle of read and see for this Sunday.


  19. Hear, hear!! Nothing worse than perky people with fabulous lives telling us we only have to want it more.

  20. I also love the rain...more than anything. It cheers me up and I feel uplifted. Your little painting is very charming.
    Wishing you peace and harmony in your world!

  21. A thought provoking post for sure. I think people don't always share their real selves online. It would be depressing to read all the doom and gloom where ever you turn. I am a whipping post most of the time (in the real world) and I appreciate my artsy cyber online BFF's! Super happy people are usually hiding a sad insecure self. I LOVE your painting and the meaning it holds for you. When art has meaning like that it makes it especially special.

  22. Hope this is going in your book!

  23. "Real Spirituality is Free" ...A -MEN! Let's continue to embrace this reality in total. Big hugs!

  24. I love your watercolor and your attitude on life. Blessings!

  25. This is so beautiful Pauline! Loved the things that you said... so much of positivity:)
    I was on am back!

  26. Love your illustration so much! For me it is love raining down on someone who truly needs it!! I love rain too!! I only do reality, with bluntness to a fault! Hate when people are fake, and despise those who take advantage of those most vulnerable!! Art is a wonderful way to express all of that!! You go girl!!

    Hugs Giggles

  27. Just playing catchup (again).

    I'll hold my hand up and admit to being being one of those people who tries to stay positive even when RealLife™ is kicking me in the teeth.

    But, there's a big difference in being positive, and believing that Love&Light© is all you need. Positivity is great for a dull, rainy day. Love&Light© is crap at beating heart failure!