Sunday, December 27, 2015

Acadian Christmas poutines!

GREETINGS everyone!
Another Christmas come & gone!
Was that a collective sigh of relief I just heard? ;)
Regardless of what kind of Christmas it is,
I am almost always relieved when it's done.
This time between Christmas and New Year
is my favorite time of the year.
There's a special quietness to this time...
We all slowly get back to our routines.
I get back to some serious painting & sketching,
after having done very little of it
over the past few weeks.
This is my first quick painting (acrylic on paper)
in at least 2 weeks.
So we have a Christmas tradition here
of making "Acadian poutines"
that I want to share with you.
Not the same thing as "Quebec poutines",
which are basically french fries with gravy & cheese.
These Acadian poutines are far more elaborate.
And delicious.
Even if they look like dirty snowballs
when they're done. ;)
I don't think I ever remember a Christmas without them.
When I was young, our tradition consisted of
going to the evening mass (at midnight for many years!)
coming home & having poutines & meat pies,
and opening a few gifts.
We'd usually keep some for Christmas morning,
although they seemed to dwindle
with each passing year,
because we opened almost all of them on Xmas eve!
It would often be 2 or 3am
by the time we got to bed.
When mom was here, 
she was basically the chef and we pitched in
to help with the poutines.
But since she's been gone,
I hadn't dared to try to make them on my own.
But this year, I thought, fuck it!
We're making poutines.
Got to keep the traditions going, right?
So let me share the process with you...
so you'll understand that it's quite a process,
and that I'm not just a big crybaby
who wants her maman. ;)
We started by peeling a 50lb of potatoes.
We normally then grate the potatoes by hand (about 2/3 of the bag)
with a handmade grater like this:
But this year, I had the good fortune
of having a good friend
who has a good mother
who lent us this ELECTRIC grater!!
So we were FLYING through those potatoes!
The grated potatoes look like this,
and we then take this & scoop it up
in these special little bags,
made for me by the same little momma
who lent us the grater. ;)
We fill these bags with the grated potatoes
and then squeeze out the excess water...
although this is where it's tricky,
cause I remember mom saying:
"leave a bit of the water in, but not too much.
It can't be too squishy
otherwise, they'll burst when we cook them!"
So we'd constantly ask: "is this too squishy mom?"
So this year, I asked myself
"would mom think this was too squishy?" ;)
The rest of the potatoes are cooked (1/3 of the 50 lb bag),
salted & mashed,
and then mixed with the grated (and strained) potatoes.
We then form balls with the 2 combined potatoes,
a bit smaller than the size of a softball.
We use pork meat in the middle of the poutine.
My friend laughed when she saw my meat
all lined up like obedient little soldiers on parade.
Some people cook the meat a bit
before putting it in the center of the poutine,
but mom never cooked it, so I didn't either.
We then make a little space
in the middle of the potato mixture,
like a bird's nest,
to fit the meat in there, like this:
 ...put the meat in, & close it up as gently as we can,
and hope to hell they don't all bust in the pot!! ;)
They are patted down a bit 
so they're nice & round,
before gently being put in a pot of boiling water,
and then cooked for 2 hours.
If the water boils too much,
the poutines will burst when they're cooking.
If it doesn't boil enough,
they won't cook well.
It's a fine balance.
We only had 3 burst...
which is not bad, out of 35 poutines.
Sound complicated?
It is. ;)
But if you can get past the idea
of eating dirty snowballs...
they are SO good!
Of course whenever there's tradition involved,
you wonder if your brain isn't tricked
by all those happy childhood memories
and that the memories are making things taste
so much better than they actually do? ;)
Either way, they were good
and we enjoyed making and eating them!
Mom would be so proud. ;)
Christmas morning breakfast!
Besides the poutines,
I got very little art done
over the past few weeks,
but I did this little acrylic painting (on paper)...
And a crazy one...
done just before Christmas
Micron pen & watercolor on paper.
And this was yesterday,
which I spent mostly outside.
Walking in the trails,
on a beautiful sunny day.
It felt so good to get outside
and to feel the sun on my face.
We're getting a storm today,
so who knows when we'll see the sun again.
I should be back here before the new year,
but if I'm not,
I wish you all a Happy New Year
filled with laughter and lots of love.
Thank you for being here
and for all your comments
and cards & emails
and the support you've shown me
throughout the year.
I appreciate EACH and every one of you.
Hugs to everyone.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noël!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all peaceful holidays.

Me, when I was much more innocent, ;)
with a pretty sad looking tree in the background,
but what a mighty fine stroller! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

life on other planets, the crazies and art.

hello friends.
It's been a strange couple of weeks
although if you ask me why
i can't give you an answer.
Maybe because it's that time of year,
maybe because of the way of the world,
maybe because I've not painted much lately.
Maybe because I'm writing more,
and because I'm watching
great documentaries
and reading great books
that remind me that
life is not the same for everyone
and we don't all see
through the same eyes.
Getting up in the morning
is easy for me.
It's hell for someone else.
I wake up to the sound of silence.
Others wake up to the sound of bombs,
or in incredible pain,
or hungry, 
or unloved.
I eat when I want.
Others don't.
This is a huge privilege
and it shouldn't be.
Governments are spending
billions on wars they create,
on defence budgets,
on space programs,
and there are still people on this planet
who don't eat.
That is a fucking BASIC need.
We send people in space
but we've yet to figure out a way
to feed the world.
I love science
but why are we concerning ourselves
with finding life on other planets
when we are not taking care
of the lives we have here,
on this planet?

Makes me crazy.
(hence, the crazy doodle) ;)
This makes as much sense to me
as those who sacrifice this life
for an eternal life after death.
And they usually kill others
in the process. 
I believe in life before death.
Not life after.
I guess i'm still trying to make sense
of something that will forever be
And then, there's this...
We got our first snowfall last week. 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Time to take out the music.
I just bought this one, and I love it.
But this one is still
my favorite of all time. :)
It's not Christmas until the Charlie Brown music comes on.
And then this happened. ;)
I may have shared this already
but it's cute, so I get to share it again.
Dad made Fluffy this little bed.
She totally loves being a princess.
She can do no wrong.
A few doodles from my 'draw your life' book.
A left handed drawing.
A few weeks ago,
I ordered this watercolor print from Prashant Miranda,
one of the great Sketchbook Skool teachers.
(They're all SO good)
Prash makes his home
between Canada and India.
Isn't it beautiful!?
I love it.
Love the bold colours.
He was so much fun as a teacher.
If you want your own print,
you can get it here.

And last, but not least...

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Thanks for hanging out
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Friday, November 27, 2015

can you make the world a better place?

Of all the paths you take in life,
make sure a few of them are dirt.
- John Muir
Hello folks!
Here's a little glimpse of my world
during the past few weeks...
Today is Black Friday
and I'll be as far away from the stores & malls
as I can possibly get.
A frenzy of crazy, desperate shoppers...
One of my worst nightmares. ;)
I'll be going for a walk here instead
later this afternoon.
A much more centered, sane place for me.
And alas,
COLOR FOR CLARITY has arrived!
November 17th was the date of mom's passing -
3 years now -
and this was what it looked like outside.
It'll always be a sad day to me.
My mind naturally goes back
to that time,
to that room,
to those last moments.
I don't spend the whole day crying,
but I just wake up with a heavy heart
and I'm always relieved when nighttime falls.
But this year was different.
There was glimpse of happiness
in this dark, snowy day
when I received the box from Amazon
filled with our lovely books!
It's a strange thing
how "living in the moment"
takes so much effort sometimes.
The whole process of collaborating
on this colouring book
was great.
Choosing our words,
doing the illustrations,
sending them off,
dreaming of holding
COLOR FOR CLARITY in our hands.
And then we get them,
and of course it's exciting,
but within the first few minutes,
I was already thinking,
"What can I do next?!"
I literally had to stop myself,
sit myself down with the book,
smell it (like I do with most books) ;)
and slowly go through it page by page,
and only then,
i began to feel gratitude.
There's always a time and a place
to consider our next dream...
but it's important to appreciate
the moment of THIS dream
while it's here.
So fall is here
and winter is just around the corner
and although last winter was long
and cold
and snowy
and fucking depressing at times...
there's still a part of me
that loves the cocooning of this cold season.
I tend to write more, paint more,
and feel more grounded, for some reason.
With everything happening in the world,
it's more important than ever
for each of us to find our own
quiet, peaceful place.
To do what we can for others,
without losing ourselves.
Everyone has an opinion about everything.
The yahoos think they can solve world problems
when they can't even find their own socks.
I've come to realize this:
I can't solve world hunger.
I can't bring peace to everyone on earth.
It's too heavy a burden for me.
All I can do is make my own little corner
as peaceful as possible.
All I can do is my own little part,
here in this corner of the globe,
and hope that others do the same
in different little corners everywhere.
And sometimes,
that little part for me
means nothing more
than smiling at someone.
Sometimes it means giving a few dollars,
or food,
or sending a card
or clothes.
Sometimes it means 
putting myself in someone else's shoes
if only for a moment
and trying to understand their fears
and their crushed hopes
and their sense of desperation.
We live in a first world country
with first world problems
so most of us have no idea
what it's like to worry about your next meal.
Or about the safety of your children.
Or about making it through another day

So I've been playing in this little book
on and off since June.
As you can see,
some of my drawings & doodles
are far less serious than others. ;)
Books like this are designed
to encourage bad drawings...
which are as important as good drawings.
I am nowhere near perfect
so why should my drawings be?
I hate even the word "perfection".
Or anyone who strives for perfection.
Perfection is not truth.
If anything,
it's farthest from the truth.
Which is probably why i dislike social media so much...
because we see a LOT of "untruths".
A lot of "pretend perfect lives".
The happy faces.
The happy wheels.
The happy meals. ;)
And on that note,
THANK YOU to everyone who bought
a COLOR FOR CLARITY colouring book
and those who helped encourage and inspire me
along the way.
It may be a small, dinky dream to some,
but small dreams are still sweet. :)
oh, and newsflash...
I'll be doing a giveaway of Color for Clarity
right HERE in the next week or so!!
Come back for a visit soon
if you want your name to be entered in the draw!
hugs to all of you.

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