Friday, March 22, 2013

sketches, paintings, and Leo Tolstoy

scary little guy, isn't he?

or maybe he's just tired...

but he loves his plaid pants...

and i love this message.

the snow in the window yesterday morning...

isn't it cool how that one little empty space on the window looks like a butterfly?

a quick little sketch i did after watching a film
about Banksy, the internationally famous British street artist.
Things just seem awfully fucked up to me sometimes.
You can go to jail for painting something on a brick wall,
but bombing innocent people is ok.

i just don't get it.
surprise! i have been painting...
this is a sneak peek at what i worked on yesterday.
I'll be posting about it as soon as it's done. 
Probably this weekend.

and this man... Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, aka Leo Tolstoy,
a Russian writer known best for his book, WAR AND PEACE.

I watched a film last night called THE LAST STATION,
about his life and death, but mostly,
about his tumultuous relationship with his wife
and how her resentment eventually led him to want to escape.

So in October 1910, with his daughter,
he boarded a train with the intention of going on a pilgrimage...
but he never made it.

He died on November 20, 1910, at the train depot in Astapovo. 

When he wrote, he wrote about freedom and peace and philosophy
and yet, he lived in turmoil.
He lived a life that seemed opposite to peace.

So sad...

His part was played by a Canadian in this film...
Christopher Plummer (who i thought was great).

sorry about jumping all over the place with this post,
but that's kind of how things have been around here lately... 

happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That dear little man is not scary, he just looks so sad.
    I've got my eye out for that film when I see it on DVD. The trailer has interested me enough to want it. Could go to Amazon, I suppose.
    Enjoyed your post. Graffiti may be OK by an artist, but can deface whole areas when it's done by kids with a spray can, especially on people's homes. Not where we live, but we do see it on TV and on our travels.

  2. You have been thinking about a lot of things!, I've heard it called 'Monkey mind' when your thoughts jump from one thing to another:)
    Love your little guy and the quote on the page with him. The snow on your window looks beautiful and the little gap does look like a butterfly :)There is alot of injustice in the world but there is also alot of people fighting againt it and changing the way the world thinks takes time. The film sounds very good, I will check it out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me lots to think about! Have a great weekend and a Happy PPF

  3. Wonderful post with lots of creativity from sketching, photography, painting and more ~ Lovely ~ Enjoy ^_^

  4. Another wonderful post, Pauline!
    I love your artwork and would love to know where you got that inspiring sketchbook! The quotes are exquisite!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. Your little guy doesn't look scary at all, he looks sad or depressed!! Poor thing. I really really like his too...

    As for Banksy....LOVE HIM ...we are of like minds!! I agree with you. In our area they white washed the skate park wall that had amazing graffiti on it. No respect for art or young people!! When I first saw the Banksy film a few years back I told everyone to watch it I loved it so much!!

    I'll look for the Tolstoy one, that's right up my alley too!!

    Awesome post that works like my mind!! All over the place!! I love the getting bored here!! Love the new painting and can't wait to hear more about it!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Terrific post with lots to look at.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Love your little man... he wears the same look as me on most days here lately. Your painting is coming along nicely and I love the colors!!! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  8. Very thoughtful post. The man looks scary, but as you developed him, he looked more like we all do when we are up late worrying about this bizarre world of ours. Thanks for sharing your work and your thoughts.

  9. I like Banksy's work. Your sketch makes a lot of sense to me. :-)

  10. I know what you mean(graffiti). I think your guy looks more sad than anything-at least to me.Enjoyed the varied art and thoughts here! Happy PPF!

  11. Can't wait to see that finished painting!!
    I love your posts that hop all over the place - that's part of your charm!

  12. I love that quote!!! Love it!!! I feel like that guy up top today... Great always! Thank you. I appreciate the way you think and I think you are so wonderful. K

  13. Poor tired, plaid pants man. But really, who wouldn't love those plaid pants! I love that you noticed that little butterfly silhouette. The calendar says Spring is coming, but it does not feel that way around here!! But the bright greens and blues and curvy flowy shapes in your painting feel Springy!!

  14. I love The last Station... I have just given Phantom a couple of Tolstoy to add to her growing pile of books... she is going to love him ... and that film on banksy is great viewing isn't it... but have to say that sneak peak is just a tease and a half...xx

  15. Love that sneak peek into your new painting. The colours really speak to me. And your tired little man with his plaid pants ... I think he looks like a lot of us feel at the end of a week ....

  16. I loved your jumping around and all leaves me with a lot of inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I thinl the little guy at the top is great!

  17. Very expressive little man and your WIP looks wonderful! I'm just reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy! <3

  18. He doesn't look scary...bit forlorn perhaps..but that happens to all of us, even Tolstoy had his struggles as I read from your post. I am able to see a swan flying in the window...on wings of clouds! Love the post!

  19. A bit scary and bit sad a bit tired. In any case you captured the expression.