Thursday, March 14, 2013

what would happen if you dared to create?

a little bit of art...
(dry pastel on paper)

I listened to a podcast yesterday
where Flora Bowley talked about
rising above the starving artist myth.

3 things are needed to "make it" in the arts.
(and only YOU can define what it means to "make it"...)

1. The need to create.

2. Belief in yourself.

3. Hard work.

Some may argue that you need money,
you need time
you need a studio
or special materials...

but in reality, if you have these 3 simple things,
you will find the money and the time to create.

Because it is as necessary
as the air you breathe.
And if you don't have these 3 things,
you will find excuses.

And that's ok for a while,
but eventually - hopefully,
the excuses will no longer work for you,
and you'll find the gentle courage you need
to take that first step,
to pick up that brush,
to write that poem,
or that book,
or that song...

and to put it out in the world.

to express yourself
in the way that feels right to you.
And the world will be a better place
because you dared.


  1. A beautiful pastel painting of these flowers, and such a lovely spring-like colour. Just what we need when spring seems to be so long coming. I agree with all the points you mention for 'making it' in art, but for those who, quite justifiably wish 'making it' to include financial reward, then a little help from Lady Luck might be useful.
    Enjoyed your thoughtful post as always.

  2. Yes, lovely drawing, and I agree with those three things, particularly the belief and hard work. Whenever I venture to put myself out there it's one of those things that I fail at. I'm not sure luck has a lot to do with it, although I do know a lot of people who appear 'successful' but it turns out they do have some financial backup. If I had more belief, and worked harder, I think I would make it, financially and emotionally (if that's the right word?)

  3. It is like you wrote that message just for me!! Thank you. It's my birthday and it is exactly the birthday gift i was needing!! AND tulips are my favourite!!


  5. You have no idea how much I needed to read these words right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I love your blog! :)

  6. How did I miss this...oh yeah I had out of town company... BEAUTIFUL....inspirational!! So true!! I have friends who should be painting...instead they make fancy cookies and creatively decorate them instead because they don't believe they are worth the time!!If only more women could read this..Your tulips are beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles