Thursday, March 28, 2013

Illustration Friday, taxes and the magic of Sharpies

Illustration Friday: SWIMMING.

you just know i'm gonna find a way to include dots in there, right?
I'm squeezing this one in again.
i seem to be on the tail end all the time... ;-)
(digital illustration)

a great little package i got in the mail yesterday...
Something i ordered from ETSY.
Organic Lip Bliss.

They kinda look like little cigars. (giggle)
I thought the packaging was adorable with the flying bird
and just wanted to share.

a little painting i did a while ago...

as a reminder of how boring life could be.

Tax time here in Canada.
Now THIS takes courage.
At least for me. Gathering receipts and invoices is like pulling teeth for me.
Hate it.

So i put some really good music on, some really good coffee on,
and i dive in.

This reminds me that no matter how much fun i have painting,
how much fun it is to write, and read, and go for meditative walks...
i don't live in la la land
and i still have bills to pay.

There are still lots of things about my day
that i really dislike. (ok, hate).
I've just managed to keep them at a minimum
and i make sure to pepper my day
with a lots of good stuff too.

I think we make choices all the time
about whether or not we let things weigh us down.

lord knows we all have reasons to be weighed down sometimes...

 (Sharpie and collage on paper)
this was fun to do last night...
 it actually made me forget about my yucky taxes. (giggle)
Can you tell i look forward to spring at this point?

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  1. LOVE that illustration friday swimming guy's long skinny arms. He is really putting all his effort into it!! Love the doodle too. Good luck with those taxes (yuck....)

  2. As always, your post is so interesting and thought-provoking.
    All the paintings are lovely, especially the swimmer. Those dots showing the movement really make the picture special.

  3. That art journalpage is amazing! Love love love it! I love how your art is so different every time. And still so you! Keep going, after you've finished your taxes you'll feel so relieved ...

  4. Great digital piece, Pauline! :]
    Dots... of coarse, that is you trademark ~xx

  5. The dots do the trick... helping convey the movement of the waves. Very nice.

  6. So much inspiration here! The swimmer is just the color, the composition, and all those dots! Your quote is fabulous and that last page...wowa! The colors are sooo beautiful and I just love your doodles and embellishments. I hate getting taxes together, too. (Just finished them this week. Hurray!)

  7. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Love the painting of the sea and also your Sharpie page :).

  8. I can smell the spring in the air by looking at your artwork!