Sunday, March 3, 2013

a place in my heart for Syd Barrett and horny drawings

hello peeps!

Had a great evening of drawing last night,
and painting
and even watched a movie.

This is micron pen and watercolor on paper...

she is not impressed...

and he's just a little horned up... ;-)

(i love the quote.)

 (acrylic on canvas)
After a few little drawings, i decided to paint.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Syd Barrett
the founding member of the band, Pink Floyd.

It was 40 years ago this week
that they recorded "Dark Side of the Moon",
one of the best selling albums of all time.

I posted about Syd here
if you want to know a bit more about him.

I purposely used sick looking colors for his face.

After i added this green background, 
it just didn't feel done.

It didn't feel right to me.

It all looked too perfect.

Too unlike Syd.

So i added these pink paint drippings
and i liked it much more.

(i was gonna add purple and then remembered PINK FLOYD)... :-)

Sometimes, we get to a certain place with our art,
and we don't always dare to do certain things.

We should dare more.

What's the worst that can happen?

In the end,
it's not about whether someone else likes it or not.

It's about how you feel about that person,
that place,
that thing.

It's about your own perception.

Picasso used to say that he didn't paint the tree itself,
but rather, he painted how he saw the tree.

This is how I see Syd Barrett.
I love this portrait now
because I feel it is more representative of him.

And who knows? Maybe Syd would love it too.

(a video of the song that Pink Floyd wrote for Syd Barrett)...


  1. Fantastic work Pauline & lovely to see freedom take over 'perfection' xoxo

  2. Superb tribute to Syd. I have to admit I like the empty-eyed stage, no idea why - it just drew me in.


  3. I think all us always draw or paint "as we see"
    Excellent post!
    i wish you a great (and warm) week!!!

  4. Yep I love it too...and that you seemed to get the lines of mental illness in there too!! Often eyes get dark circles and there can be dark lines too!! Very good job!!

    I love your horny characters too!!
    They are amazing, although the girl/woman looks very annoyed. lol

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh my gosh, fantastic pieces. I'd wax poetic about them but I'm still reeling from Dark Side being 40. OMG! xoxo

  6. Thanks for providing the much-needed smile (and even a giggle) with the horny sketches.

    As for your interpretation of that crazy but beautiful diamond that is Syd, you've really shined, yourself! I like the 'sickly' colours you chose, but putting some colour in - especially the apropros pink - was the proverbial icing on the Syd cake.

    I must confess to you at this point that it wasn't until only a few years ago that I finally, finally, finally turned on and 'got' Pink Floyd.

    My hubby has been a fan for years, if not decades, while I, on the other hand, saw/heard the appeal, but for me personally (all those years ago, I mean), I just couldn't connect. I hang my music-loving head in shame in confessing this, but there 'tis.

    Why I didn't hear then what I most certainly and can so obviously and easily hear and 'get' now is beyond me...they are/were, it goes without saying but I need to say it aloud anyway - truly an incredible band. Incredible songwriting, musicianship all 'round.

    To celebrate this, we're going to see Roger Waters in Dublin later this year (October, I think), and I really, truly am so excited and thrilled to have gotten tickets for this gig, as it will most likely be the last time Waters ever tours again.

    Yes, I do believe that Syd himself would've loved this painting, Pauline.

  7. Love the pink stage in your portrait!

  8. that's a great song. Thanks for adding into your post.
    The portrait is amazing!! I love your work, lady!
    Fran T

  9. WOW!!
    Amazing work, Pauline... very well spoke! ;]
    Thank you for sharing your talents, always. ~xx

  10. The couple made me laugh out loud. What a great piece. I also appreciate your tribute to Syd Barrett. I must have listened to the dark side of the moon a thousand times when I was a teenager. A portrait is about what you see in the person, it's a marriage of his image and your perception. Great job on making it work.