Wednesday, April 10, 2013

maybe mom loved dots too...

Any fool can run towards the light. It takes a master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own light there.
- Leslie Fieger

hi everyone.

My son came back from Mexico with this lovely souvenir for me,
which in turn, inspired a painting.

my camera was in another room,
so i didn't take any progress pics. 

some of these pics were taken last night,
and others this morning, by natural light.

Natural light is always better. 

I've been feeling the need to re-evaluate a few things lately,
so i may be blogging a little less for a while.

If i blog less, you'll know it's because i'm writing (or painting) more.

Sometimes, saying no to something
means we're saying YES to ourselves.

Saying yes can be very liberating...

This past while, i've been slowly sorting out
mom's things.

It's a strange feeling to be sorting out
things that belonged to another person,
even when that other person was my mom.

Old passports.
Receipts from purchases made years ago.
Cards kept in special places.

Unlike what many of you may think,
i love doing this and find it all very healing.

i love finding some of her writing the most
because the handwriting of a person is very intimate
and my mother had beautiful handwriting.

This was one of mom's favorite tops...

Anyone who knows my art, knows how much i love using dots.

It made me smile from ear to ear when i saw this...
and noticed (for the first time!) all the dots.

i swear i had never noticed them before.

Life is funny sometimes...

Thank you all for being here...


  1. Do whatever it is you need to do, for you. Your work is an inspiration to me and I will wait for the day you are ready to post more. Take care, hugs, joy and dots to you!

  2. Pauline, wow! I love, love, love that painting.

    I'm happy that you'll be taking time off to write and paint more. That sounds awesome! And healing, just like going through your mother's things.


  3. What a beautiful painting to match your son's gift, Pauline! Gorgeous!

    I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying sorting through your Mother's things and that it is bringing some special intimate moments for you as well as helping to heal.

    You take all the time you need. As you know, I've had a couple of long breaks myself from blogging and I can say that it is quite therapeutic in itself.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  4. Your painting is beautiful. I love all of the wonderful colors. I think your mom's top is amazing. It looks like something you would have designed or painted.

    It is a wise woman who knows what is best for her. Although I will miss your posts and comments, I think it is wonderful that you are doing what makes the most sense for you. Enjoy your time painting and writing.

  5. Well, you'll be dearly missed if you blog less but more art and writing can only be a good thing. I love the sketch in your journal, the figures are captivating. I'm glad you're finding going through your Mom's belongings so therapeutic. I feel the same way when I find my grandparent's writing. All of their little notes... Take good care my friend and keep listening to what YOU need. xx

  6. Beautiful piece of art...I truly love it!! I thought maybe your moms beautiful bohemian top inspired this piece! Adorable candle too!!

    I admire your ability to go through her things...I did it for a bit with my brother, but found it so difficult... I did everything for the three months before and my brother did the bulk was even but each of us dealt with it so differently! I guess that's how grief is though.

    Glad you are finding peace in your moms handwriting, and taking time to create even more! I look forward to each post and everything you create!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Love the painting, such beautiful colors. Amazing that your mother's top looks so much like it!! I hope sorting through everything goes well and brings you peace. xx

  8. Your art is so wonderful. Uplifting and thoughtful at the same time. Love reading your posts!

  9. Your art is always so beautiful. Enjoy your time out to create.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. beautiful painting, pauline -- I love the colors for spring, and the first picture is fantastic!

  11. Beautiful painting, so springlike.

  12. your paintings and words and the wondrous thoughtsandfeelings you share so generously, they make me glad I was born in the same time you were shining your lights here.

    breaks are good and seem to BE what many people are taking. I suppose it might BE something in the air or the water.

    or mayBE it is the dots and dashes.

    anyway, you are welcome in my reader whenever it suits your fancy and if I get to missing you too much, I know how to find you!!!

    enJOY sorting through you mom's things and treasure the great JOY that is in you.

  13. I forgot to tell you how much I loved your sketch too!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I am sure the sorting of your Mom's things brings back a lovely memory for you. Even though it is hard she is with you a little deeper. I love your painting inspired by the dots. Happy PPF xox

  15. I really needed to hear your opening quote today. And to see all your bright dots and the wonderful way you're honoring your mom's life. I actually got out my journal for the first time in 10 days to write that quote down. I'm glad you're blogging today, and I hope you always take time to say yes to your other creative impulses. we need your voice in all it's forms.

  16. I love that painting inspired by your son's gift, you captured the colors wonderfully!

  17. oh Mexico! lucky guy and so nice to bring you back that wonderful gift! It inspired you well. love that painting! what a difference the light make doesn't it? enjoy going through your mom's things, Im glad you are finding comfort doing that:) Have a lovely weekend, Fran T

  18. wow Pauline the colors on this piece are amazing.

  19. Oh your mom's blouse is just beautiful. Love your inspirational piece. I think about what you said, "going through your mom's things." My mom is 90 and still doing good but I know I will be in your place soon. It's scary. Great work. Happy PPF!

  20. your mom's blouse is a beautiful find, as is your artwork. Happy PPF!

  21. I really love your paintings...this abstract is terrific! (and the dots too!) do make time for yourself~it's important...happy PPF!

  22. Your sons souvenir inspire inspired a wonderful piece of work. I love the way the dots guide your eye around the painting. Its strange how you sometimes notice new things in something familiar like your mums favourite top :)

  23. Hello Pauline, you've been having a special time going through your mothers things, it's so good for you to smile as you come upon some of her things, I can see how that top connected with you!
    Enjoy your week-end dear friend! xx

  24. So sorry about your mom. When my last boyfriend passed away I also found healing in going through his belongings. He loved to write and always had a journal around. One surprise for me was a tiny piece of recording on a little video recorder I got for him from Goodwill. He was recording me but I didn't know it and he was talking the entire time. What a gift to hear his voice again.

    Great painting, I love all of the beautiful colors inspired by such a wonderful gift.

  25. Your painting is absolutely wonderful! Love the shapes flowing and the beautiful colors accented with white, just awesome! <3

  26. Awe, that's so sweet..going through your Moms stuff. That would be healing for me too. That top is beautiful and that's funny you probably subconsciously like dots because your Mom did? Love the inspired painting. Great colors!! Thanks for sharing and for your wonderful comments! Happy PPF :)

  27. Your work is so bright and colourful Pauline! Makes me happy just looking at it! :)

  28. I love your art. The colors and shapes make me happy.

  29. It makes me smile to read about you going through your mom's stuff... it sounds like a visit with her. So thankful with you for the healing it brings... and the new serendipitous discoveries like a love of DOTS! Beautiful.

  30. It is uncanny how much that top reminds me of your colour painting and use of dots... love when you happen across things like that... sorry I am late getting here for PPF but figuring I am just extending the fun... well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it ...xx

  31. This is a really beautiful painting and a beautiful post altogether. Thank you for sharing with us.

    And thanks for your PPF visit as well!

  32. What a beautiful, deeply touching post. Your painting is beautiful- just stunning. And your words touched me so much. Especially saying "yes" and saying "no". I'm starting to realize how much those words hold.

  33. You are so right about saying no sometimes. Some people have a hard time saying no. Your painting and the inspiration look great together!
    And I think your journal pages are inspiring.

    I can relate to your sorting out and the feelings you have about it. It meant a lot to me, to be able to go through all those things my mother had, after her death. Many memories come to your mind in the process.

    I have often stopped by without commenting, because I didn't know how to express my thoughts. Today I just did it :-)

    Happy belated PPF!


  34. Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to comment and email. You all remind me that we all have stories to tell. It makes my heart happy that our paths have crossed. Every one of you. xox

  35. Those colours and shapes are wonderful, they make a beautiful piece of art. You are in my thoughts as you find your own way to celebrate your Mom & her life.