Monday, March 4, 2013

contradictions and complexities...

To create one's world in any of the arts
takes courage.
- Georgia O'Keefe

We are told
that success doesn't matter
and then we are given
the seven keys to success.

Magazines have articles that tell us
that real beauty is found within,
and photoshopped women
in high heels and fake boobs
adorn their pages.

We are told
to follow our own paths
and then given directions
by someone else
to get there.

We are torn between 
meditation and
between getting up
or staying in bed,
between the glass half full
or half empty,
and on certain days,
no glass at all.

We are misguided
and misunderstood.

We are led by blind leaders
who believe that
bombs are the way
to a peaceful planet
and that their way
is the only way.

Petty thieves
go to prison
and wall street criminals
walk the streets
in their sparkly suits.

Is it any wonder
so many of us have lost our way?

Is it any wonder
so many of us
spend our lives
trying to be someone else?

Trying to have what he has?

We no longer hear
our own voices,
in the cacophony of other voices
so much louder than our own,
so much shinier than our own
so much stronger than our own.

We no longer trust
our own path
our own experience
our own perception.

And yet, i believe there is hope.
There is hope 
because each of us
still has a voice.

Each of us still has a heart.

There is hope,
because as long as we have 
a heart
and the ability to quiet ourselves
long enough to listen,
long enough to feel,
long enough to trust
in our own voices again -
the tide will turn.

That's why art matters.

Because art is the voice of your heart
and your heart always has something to say.
Have the courage to let it speak its truth.


  1. Thank you so much for this outstanding post. This will encourage and inspire who ever reads it.
    Your shots are pretty wonderful too.

  2. Beautiful photographs, and plenty to think about in your musings.

  3. WOW...I started crying as I read your words, Pauline. My kids and I have been talking about these things of late. We certainly live in very confusing times. I too believe there is hope for us to find our way back to ourselves. THANK YOU for another great post! xx

  4. Powerful post from a sage woman who obviously knows much!! Beautiful photos! It is the writers, poets, musicians and artist that tell the true story. Not necessarily what we want to hear and see, but what we NEED to hear and see!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, You need to publish a book with these powerful post which have so much truth and wisdom

  6. Good morning, Pauline. This post is how I begin my day, even before my coffee is ready. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. I agree with's time you publish a are so wise...I can hardly believe you are my niece LOL!!

    All kidding aside, I love reading your posts. You always give me so much to think about!!! And I love looking at your beautiful art and photography, you have so much talent, all the time, you stay true to yourself!!!


  8. Oh, my friend, I believe that you are talking about me. I feel lost, lost in a 9-6 job that I hate that is just getting worse. I feel a change coming on now just to figure how to jump with my eyes closed and trust that I will not land on my head. Sigh... Love your words, xoxo

  9. Beautifully written..wonderful post! I follow my voice and fly with my is the only way I know how to be! Shine on..thanks for sharing your magic and beauty always!

  10. This is amazing! Did you write this?? AWESOME!!!! SO well said!!!!! Thank you for sharing, and for reminding me to listen to, and share, the voice of my heart. <3 <3

  11. Well there you go. You have me smiling through tears!! Again :-)

  12. You are amazing! I am SO SO glad I read this and today of all days!
    Life can definately confusing and tough to figure out. But your words are so hopeful and I love them! Tears in my eyes!! Genius >>>"Because art is the voice of your heart and your heart always has something to say. Have the courage to let it speak its truth." POW!
    love it XO Fran T

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  15. Words unspoken, I am speechless...
    through your thoughts & photos, all has been said! THANK YOU ~xx

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    Sorry... Blogger must have had the hiccups! ((LOL))

  17. You move my heart with those wonderful words and the one with the houses side by side....I love the essence of it all: Art matters! yes it does :) xox Conny