Monday, March 11, 2013

The well has dried up. Go figure.

hi everyone.

My, how time flies...

Can't believe it's been a week since i last posted!

(watercolor and micron pen on paper)
There's been very little creativity in my world lately.
I've hit a wall.
A dry spell.

I could always push myself and post something anyway,
but it would most likely bore the hell out of everyone,
and i don't want to do that.

I don't want to be boring.

Plus, I'm not in the practice of pushing - 
myself or others.

Things always get done eventually.

There's enough pressure in the world already.

Living a creative life is an ebb and flow.

Like the tides.

As much as art is an obsession for me,
there is still a need to shut down now and then
and pull away from the paints and pens.


Refill myself.

Breathe in the good,
breathe out the bad. 

Walk on the frozen beach.

Read poetry instead of twitter.

Look at the moon and stars in the night sky.

 (art junk table, piling up)

I've intentionally pulled myself away lately
from social media - something that feels
more right to me with each passing day.

I've got very little art for you,
but i've gathered a few little inspiring videos.
At least i thought they were inspiring.

I hope you like them.

Chuck Close - an american artist who sees through different eyes.

And this - monks making sand mandalas...

So beautiful -
a wonderful lesson in patience
and the impermanence of everything.

including us.

And this. 
How could one not be inspired by this?
A reminder that art is everywhere
and one vision can change lives.

And this one always makes me smile...
so cool.

Thanks for visiting here.
Wishing you a green light kinda day. 
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  1. Enjoy your creative hiatus, Pauline.
    I find that after a break like that I always come back totally inspired and on fire :)

  2. The unusual painting you posted is exciting and active, Pauline. Very pretty colors.

  3. Your design reminds me of cocoons and carrots and little tiny spring flowers~ thanks for sharing!

  4. Kindred Spirits?
    Thank you for your post. Now I know I'm not alone.
    Take care and hugs!

  5. Beautiful flow of lines and colors. Loved the Dream card and the little angel/fairy.
    It's great to have a break... refreshing!

  6. Loved every single video, but, Chuck Close and the musical swings fascinated me!
    That table looks loaded with treasures!
    Your first painting reminded me of Seamus Heaney's 'Personal Helicon', a favorite of mine.

  7. I love the green and yellow painting, such flowing lines and it's so organic.

  8. Am I the only one who sees an elephant I wonder?

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has dry patches. I always feel a little guilty that I should be creating something, but I guess doing other stuff (or nothing) brings it's own rewards.

  9. THank you ALL so much for your comments.
    Kim: yes, kindred spirits. :-)
    Deepa & others: thank you for understanding my need for a break. :-)
    Zafaran: i have no idea who Seamus Heaney is, but i'll look him up now! So glad you liked the videos...xox
    Jez: it's always so lovely to see you here...
    Nigel: Yes, i'm afraid you must be the only one who sees elephants. ;-) Or maybe you're just the only one who DARED mention it?! Either way, thank you. xox

  10. Beautiful and colorful artwork.

    Stopping from Mandarin Orange Monday- hope you can stop by.