Sunday, March 17, 2013

blowing bubbles with Gerhard Richter and Dar Willliams

hi everyone!

There is no better way for me to spend an evening
than by painting.

Even when things don't go so well...

(acrylic on small canvas, 6" x 6")
The colors in these pics are way too yellow,
but i'm posting anyway.
I wanted to show how sometimes,
the process doesn't always go so smoothly.

When i was at this stage (above),
i thought the arm was too extended,
and i didn't like the face
so i painted over it.

Then i thought she was leaning forward too much,
and i hated the neck.

fixing or changing things in a painting
is really not that difficult.
You can see where i painted over the face
and the arm again...

At first, it may look messy
but in time, it's all "fix-able"!

If you're not comfortable with something, change it.

It's a painting - not brain surgery. ;-)

Finally coming together for me here...

this is closer to the actual color 
(taken by the window this morning)
although in reality, it's more turquoise than blue.

i love blowing bubbles...

In the springtime, i sit on the front porch
and blow bubbles. I do.

Who said blowing bubbles was uncool after a certain age?

After i painted this, i watched this film
on Gerhard Richter.

I wasn't sure i would like it at first -
to watch a man put paint to a canvas
and then use a squeegee to go over it.

But it's about far more than that...
He is about far more than that.

He can paint things like this:
and like this...
but he chooses to paint this...(below)
because this has more meaning to him
at this time in his life.
It's not about what sells
or what the public expects from him.
it's about what he feels.

This is what fascinates me.

Now that he has the choice
to paint what he wants
he chooses this.

And speaking of feeling,
I'll end with a little video of a song
that i love as much today as i did 10 years ago...

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
Thanks for being here...


  1. I love that you can just paint over with acrylics. They are so forgiving that way!! Your painting is wonderful.

  2. Your bubbles painting just blew me away... Love it!

  3. lovely painting and that other artist is so talented! It seems right to paint just what you want and not what others want.

  4. Sometimes when I'm waiting for the bus, I pull a tiny bottle of bubble soap out and blow bubbles. It's a little crazy, I suppose, for a 52 yo to behave like that, but it usually makes people smile. I love your painting! Thanks for showing the corrections.

  5. The evolution of this painting is beautiful, so is the music! Thanks for sharing your process!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. what a great post! painting is about choices isn't it? so glad you shared your process...the finished painting is lovely!

  7. Pauline it's been great reading this post and seeing the evolution in your beautiful painting, oh bubble blowing is such fun! I'd forgotten, I'll have to get some. I can really feel those bubbles being blown, beautiful work! xx

  8. Ooooh, I love the bubbles painting!

    I also really enjoyed the Gerhard Ricther documentary; I always find it fascinating to get a glimpse into an artist's process. And that includes yours too. ; )

  9. Oops! Gerhard *Richter*. : )

  10. I really like how you painting turned out. The bubbles look real. When I get to the point of WHAT HAPPENED????? I start chanting, "there's no mistakes in art". That gives me the courage to correct it.

  11. LOVE those bubbles - LOVE this piece - it all comes together in the end - that's what I love about your work!

  12. I enjoyed reading this post so much,and I always appreciate seeing the way you progress through a painting to achieve such a lovely result. Those bubbles look so good. It's a wonderful painting.
    I shall look up Gerhard Richter.

  13. I really LOVE this painting of yours! Must come back to watch the documentary...I usually love all the videos you show us.