Wednesday, September 26, 2012

jam packed with goodness and awesomeness

hello people!

A bit of an unplanned mess in my little CREATE every day journal.

I was actually working on something else (illustrations for my book!)
and all of a sudden, i just got the urge to scribble.

Scribbling is fun! 
If you haven't done so in a while, give it a try!

It's quick, it's liberating, it's fun, it releases energy...

it's basically sex on paper. ;-)

I'm struggling a bit with the illustrations for the book.
I can't seem to get on paper
what i see in my head.

For now, i'm writing my stories...
and trusting that eventually, it'll all come together.

I tend to be more comfortable with acrylics,
so i think i may end up doing a few more sketches with acrylics.

i really don't like the look of this watercolor,
but i thought i'd post anyway.

Yes, sadly, the teeter totter story is true.

And on another note...
here's a book i love, by an artist/writer that i love - Maira Kalman.

her stories are always so poignant
and often have me laughing out loud.

Who can't relate to having irritating relatives? ;-)

I love how she writes everything free hand too...
Makes it that much more personal, i think.

( i even love the title)...

And who doesn't love a good deal on such a beautiful hardcover book?

The inside flap on the book...

And here's a little gem from someone else i love.
Andy Miller.
You can find his blog here.

He is an illustrator/artist/designer/writer
and he often reminds me of WHY i still love design
after almost 25 years...

Yes, sometimes, i need a reminder.

I want to share something interesting with all of you

I sometimes check my stats, to see how many people have visited.
I love the idea that i can post something
and it can reach someone from across the world in seconds,
and I am always touched that so many of you take the time to comment.

Especially those of you who speak a different language than english.
(yes, you Roberto - big hugs...)

Yesterday's post got more visitors than any post i've ever written.

More visitors, but less comments. (interesting, isn't it?)

It totally surprised me
that almost 200 people read this post.

I'm not sure how it happened,
and it may be a fluke, but i was shocked.

There are bloggers out there who get a thousand visitors a day,
and i'm giddy because i got 200...
Go figure.

See how easy I am to please?!

Thank you all for allowing me some space
in your generous hearts.


  1. Hello Pauline, great to visit you again, I have been scribbling and doodling lately too, not much energy for anything else at the moment, so just good to play and have a little doodle just like you!

  2. Pauline - I think you have a new quote to go against a background that you create: Scribbling is basically sex on paper. LOVE IT!!!

  3. *Giggling* all over at 'it's basically sex on paper' lol I like your watercolour, I think it suits perfectly ~ I think it may be one of those pieces that you don't like when it's done, but when you look at after a period you'll see its merits as others do. The page views v. comments is very confusing, I see it on my blog too, some of the largest views have minimal comments and some of the smallest views have the most. It's like everything in this world: confusingly relative lol

  4. Wow very meaty post!! I got lost in Andy's interesting blog!! Now on my blog roll!! Love it!! Of course you would have great taste in blogs!!

    Love your story and illustration. At first I thought the girl was on a bike,(legs in air) and wondered what was blocking the wheel... lol then I read the story and it all came together perfectly!!

    I prefer to work in acrylics too!!

    I love to scribble and doodle IS like sex on
    Thanks for sharing such great inspiration! Glad to see your book coming along so well!!

    How did I miss yesterdays post??...too busy creating I guess!! Going there now!! Happy Hump day!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. What an awesome dad to support your teeter totter career!! Foam seats plus sandwiches/drinks!!
    Great story!

  6. Having a dad that supports your dreams like that makes all the difference in the world. No wonder you are such a special lady!! :):)

  7. Pauline, these books you've shared with us look amazing. I'm going to have to look them up. Your teeter totter story is nostalgic and funny. I adore it. I especially like everything your dad did to help your efforts. That's LOVE. ♥