Thursday, September 6, 2012

painting a purple abstract on trust alone...

hello world.

It's abstract play time. :-)

I tend to over analyze,
so whenever i start these kinds of paintings,
i ask my heart to take the front seat
and tell my mind to shut up and sit quietly at the back. ;-)

It's hard to do sometimes - to let the heart lead...

There's almost always a point during the painting
where i hear myself say "i really don't like this"...

Which usually always means... 
I'm not painting with the heart and the mind wants to be
in the front seat again.

So i flip the painting on its side and continue.

I literally talk to myself through the process:

just keep going.

don't judge.

paint what feels right.

there's no right or wrong.

do what comes naturally.

it's a painting, not brain surgery...

if it sucks,

the sun will still rise tomorrow.

And that's usually when i get more comfortable and confident...
and a little more daring.

It still feels somewhat controlled to me,
but i am getting better at letting loose. 

I love adding the oil pastels...

And in the end, i do like it, even if it's no longer as abstract 
as i thought it would be at first.

Art is all about trusting.

Trusting that your opinion of the painting
really has nothing to do with the art itself. 

Trusting that the process always works itself out, in the end.


FYI - i won't be putting word verification on my blog.
I'll just keep trashing the Anonymous comments. 
Thank you all for letting me know you hate word verification 
as much as i do. :-)

Another FYI... i'll be gone for a few days of rest and relaxation.
I'll catch up to your blogs soon.
Wishing you all a great weekend! xox

Here's a beautiful song by Sarah Harmer,
to set you in the same relaxation mode as mine,
without even having to leave your chair. 


  1. This is an amazing painting!

    I've been struggling with the whole 'brain wants to be in the front seat' thing, too. It's hard--

    Glad you're not doing word verification!

  2. Enjoy your weekend my creative friend :). My email is down again :(, so I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm thinking of you.
    Stay inspired!

  3. So good to turn a painting round to get different insights into it. The abstract is great, lovely colours and swirly swirls, and the addition the dots brings it to life. Have a good rest.

  4. DUDE. I'm writing a book. (No one's supposed to know about that yet so pretend I haven't said anything.) Today I wrote about trust when being creative; then I ping over here and you've written about trust when being creative! Synchronicity alert. I love what you said; may I please quote you? (With credit, of course.) I haven't decided exactly which bit I'd like to borrow yet but I am starting by asking permission.

    And have a LOVELY time out. xx

  5. I love the way you expressed this, Paula. And I love this painting journey of trust that you've taken. I love it when I finally allow my heart to take the front seat and follow wherever it takes me, wherever it leads me, creatively, rather than letting the left side of my brain take control and start critiquing and overanalyzing and trying its level best to put a damper on what and where I know and feel in my heart wants to journey to.

    And yes, I agree - there is no real right or wrong when it comes to creativity, to art, to expressing ourselves. Just go with it. Trust in ourselves. Let go of the anxiety, the sense of control, the desire for 'perfection' (whatever that is or means) and just enjoy and create, and follow our creative bliss.

    Enjoy your blogging break, Paula, and thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. I'd love to be able to do abstract and paint more intuitively, but haven't been able to overcome the constant criticism that's going on inside my mind. I love that you show the progress of your painting. The swirls are lovely!

  7. OK take your time to rest :::)))))

    "Resting our head on the sea bed
    In an octopus's garden near a cave" ♫♪♫♫

  8. 'it's a painting, not brain surgery...' I got to write that in BIG letters on my wall. LOL! Well said my friend:)
    I like reading your posts.
    Enjoy your weekend and keep up the amazing work! FranT XO

  9. "LOVE IT!" ~xx
    As always, your words & art are encouraging, full of inspiration... thank you my friend!! :]

  10. It's still abstract--an sweet abstract mermaid under the flowing water. :):)

    I'm so glad you aren't going to have WV! I wouldn't have been able to leave you comments anymore because I have kind of taken a pledge to stand by my friends and family with sight impairments and blindness and glaucoma to stand against WV. That's why I went to extra large print, too. You made my day, Pauline!! :):)

  11. So glad you don't have WV. It drives me crazy. This was a perfect post for me to read this morning. I am off to art camp this morning and no matter what I am going to paint from the heart and not worry about what the mind is telling me. Now, I can breath and have fun.

    Your painting is beautiful. I loved watching it evolve.

  12. I have to force myself to play with paint because I become too contrived. I loved this piece but was called away before I could comment last week!! I meant to tell you I have been listening to Sarah Harmer and Sarah Slean for 17 years now!! Love these Canadian artists!! Reminded me to get their cd's out again!! Thanks for sharing the process here!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I admire your style, your process, and this page - LOVE!