Tuesday, September 18, 2012

smiles and stories are meant to be shared...

It's been a rough day,
so it's time for a few smiles, kay?

I did these computer illustrations a while ago.

Proper translation: Happy Birthday, you old frog.

My translation: Happy Birthday, Twinkle Toes.
(it just sounds funnier to me...)

poor little lonely cow...

This was a small painting on canvas,
but Mr. Moose wanted to show his pearly whites,
so i thought i'd include him too.

we've all seen this guilty face at one time or another, right?

ain't love grand? ;-)

Whoa... sudden change of mood... ;-)

This watercolour was done for my book.
Beginnings are so exciting, aren't they?

I've been writing little stories...
memories of years passed.
I'm amazed at how quickly they come to me.

Funny how we remember certain things
as if they happened yesterday.

Still playing with mediums...
the first is watercolour,
this one (greenish with the vertical lines) is acrylic.

I think i prefer the watercolour...
how about you?

And here it is in an actual page layout.

This is what my book could look like.

This is the kind of book I want to do.




Painting on the left, writing on the right.

The painting on the left may not be "boxed" either...
i may just have watercolour, undefined edges. 

I just need to make sure i'm not exposing anyone
by sharing these stories.

Including myself. ;-)

And now, let's return to smiling, shall we?

Thank you all for the support you've shown me.

I've even received a few emails personally encouraging me
to carry on with the book.

It warms my heart.

We are all perfect strangers, and yet...

You all restore my faith in humanity.
You do.


  1. Pauline!! Another great story that resonates long after the reading. That is your gift -
    Your stories are making me remember moments in my life that I'd not contemplated in a long time. Thanks for that! Keep it up!

  2. Beautiful, all of them, and the computer paintings made me laugh. Lovely to see that you have started straight in on your book. That's a lovely sad story, and unfortunately still happening here.

  3. I like the initial layout of your little book. I think it works great. I, too, like clean, simple, minimalist looks. Feels more personal that way (to me). :-) Congratulations on getting started! Can't wait to see your progress. I'd better get started on my projects too. :-) Thanks for the cheery faces. They're very funny.

    Oh, between the acrylic and watercolour paintings, I think the watercolour works better in this case.

  4. The cow has a wonderful expression!

  5. You amaze the hell out of me! Love the idea of a book. I prefer the watercolor too but maybe that is because I am enjoying using mine lately. Take care my sweet friend.

  6. Pauline, you told so much in such a beautiful and simple way. I loved the watercolor to go with the story. Did you ever hear from her again?

  7. wonderful digital art ~ love your book idea ~ like both the watercolor and acrylic ~ very well done ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Michelle - THANK YOU. ((hug)) xox
    Jez - Glad you liked the funnies... :-)
    Hwee - Thank you, and yes, start your project!! xox
    Sue - she looks pretty annoyed, doesn't she? ;-)
    Lori - my dear Lori... so nice to touch base now and then. Thank you. xox
    Ginny - sadly, i never did. :-(
    Carol - thank you for always being there... xox

  9. I think that when you are writing your book you need to "throw up" whatever's in there wanting to get out. No one is harmed in that process.

    Now, once you have it all "up and out" you can have a look and see what might cause a ripple.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, but the story you shared is so exquisite. And clearly it evokes much for others.

    Isn't that what you want with your book?! To touch hearts? To remind them to remember?

    BEautimous only slightly speaks to the JOY your paintings hold for me.


  10. Oh Pauline, this is going to be such a beautiful book! That is such a wonderful gift you have: being able to draw/paint as well as being able to write a beautiful story! You really need to do this, and the stories I've read so far are so human and so tragic, they really touch hearts. Looking forward to more pages!

  11. Oh yes, I prefer by far the watercolour!

  12. Wow. While I love your "smileys", your Pakistani friend grabbed me heart - even before I read her story. More so afterwards. I like the watercolor version best.

  13. Brilliant, such a powerful message in a few short words!! How do you do it? Love the illustration too, it's perfect!! I do prefer the watercolor as well!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. oh Pauline, this book is going to be pure magic. xx