Sunday, September 23, 2012

a pink blob and a turquoise face

hi everyone!

Fear not... the mood's a little lighter tonight. :-)

I had a bit of fun last night with this quote...

something light to get my started with the paints -
a half awake pink blob in my wonderful quote book. :-)

And then i was in the mood for something in my journal...

a few colours... i don't know why, but i saw a face here.

a few added lines with black Sharpie...

some sort of a face...or faces. :-)

And you know me - i tried really hard not to add dots,
but the devil made me do it.

Fun and lighthearted...
just what i needed last night after a few days of heaviness...

After my last post, i thought i'd perhaps lose a bunch of you as followers.
But you're still here. 
* sigh *

Thank you all for allowing me into your homes and your hearts.
I am grateful for being surrounded
with such kind souls.


  1. Very expressive face - a little sad still though:) But with those rich colours I am sure he/she will be happy soon. I like the addition of the dots too - makes "it" all go on... One of the last three images would be great for Mandarin Orange Monday if you would like to join in:)

  2. Pauline, I don't know how I missed yesterday's post, but after your reference to it, I just had to go have a look.

    I must say you actually hit the proverbial nail on the head - you go girl!


  3. Very cool...and yeah, gotta have the dots!!

  4. You are loved from afar my dear!! Fun work, glad to see you playing!!
    Always a joy to visit!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love the pink blob! Just how I looked this morning, before my wake-up coffee! :-) Have a great day!

  6. Your last couple of posts - especially the one right before this one - resonated deeply with me. I admire and respect as well as appreciate your honesty and your 'courage' to speak your mind in a world where we're all supposed to conform and fit in and not rock the proverbial boat in any way. I found myself nodding all the way through your last post. I couldn't agree more with every word you wrote.

    Never fear or worry or stress that you will 'lose' readers or followers. Those that love your blog and love your art, your musings and meanderings and stream of consciousness will always be here - be it a light and fun blog post, or a serious or dark post. It's all good, because it's all honest, and it's all from the heart.

    As for this latest creative intention and expression, yeah, I do see a bit of sadness and heaviness of heart there, but the colours you chose expresses happiness on the horizon. Go with it, and see where it takes you on the journey.

  7. Some of us just don't do whimsy as easily as others. When your feelings & thoughts appear on the page without restraint, you're just doing your job as an artist! Speaking of whimsy, be sure to get over to my blog and comment on yesterday's post for a chance to win some joss papers ♥

  8. Lovely bright colours on the face, and it's very expressive.
    As always I like the way you show us the steps you take in your paintings.
    And you'll never lose followers when you speak the truth and make us all think.

  9. Hey! You don't have to be all happy and smiles all the time. We all have many sides to us or we be deeply, deeply shallow. ;) I am always ready to listen to someone who speaks from the heart.

    I like your half awake pink person and the face/faces. Always like to see your work in progress pics, too. Have a special week. :)

  10. I am so glad you shared your artwork on Mandarin Orange Monday. Thanks:)

  11. I'm thinking a robot perhaps.
    It's wonderful. I've only just begun to make an art journal after much soul searching about whether I 'could'. :) I enjoyed your taking us through your steps.
    Very cool work!
    I do like the whimsy of the first one too.

  12. I like these! Great, artistic work!

  13. LOVE your abstract face!! Happy stuff!