Thursday, September 13, 2012

let's get inspired by art, shall we?

hello folks!

First things first. This is NOT my art.

But since i had no time for art last night, i thought i'd share
a bit of artwork with you from other artists...

I always find it fascinating to see what other people draw or paint,
and in this case, they are mostly celebrities
...or wanna be celebrities. ;-)

Some of you may not be familiar with some of these artists.
I think it's so interesting that there's so much creativity in the world,
and art is art - regardless of who paints what.

I hope you like some of these...

This is the art of Bob Dylan
John Lennon

Frank Sinatra

i debated whether or not to include this one.
Even his flowers look dead inside

Joni Mitchell
(a portrait of Graham Nash, done in the lat 1960's... in felt marker)

Joni Mitchell (self portrait)

Paul McCartney

Ronnie Wood (guitarist and bassist with the Rolling Stones)
This is a portrait of Mick Jagger, lips and all... ;-)

Ronnie Wood with more of his artwork...

Tony Bennett

and last but not of my favorites,
Leonard Cohen
and his fabulously depressing illustrations... ;-)

Leonard Cohen

I believe the need to express ourselves creatively is universal.

Many of us choose not to honor this need,
but i am deeply grateful for those of us who do.

Can you imagine a world without art

and poetry

and songs

and books

and music?

What a crappy world it would be... ;-)

Here's to making the world a more beautiful place -
one little expression at a time...
in our own little way.


  1. Wow. I had no idea all of these creatives were creative with paint too! I am with you that the world is far better because of art -all forms!

  2. My!!! This was sooo great..I mean... I never thought all those talented people could ALSO paint! Doubly talented...It's amazing!
    And, yeah..Hitlers flowers do look lifeless. Bob Dylan's pic is my fav! Also portrait of Graham Nash.
    Thank you.

  3. Oh I agree one hundred percent!! These are kids have been to see The Stones, Dylan, Cohen, and today I got them pre-sale tickets to Paul McCartney...they are so stoked!! They love all the big concerts and Cohen is on the top of the list as one of my Son-in-laws favorite musicians ever...I hadn't seen a few of those pieces you posted!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. How interesting! What I find bizarre (and a bit annoying) is that ~ and yes I'm about to make a sweeping generalisation ~ people whose 'main' creative activity is singing can also draw and paint beautifully, but people whose main thing is drawing and painting, cannot sing. And by that I mean me. But wow, Joni Mitchell has some talent there! And I agree, Hitler's art is totally creepy. This was so interesting, thanks for showing us these. :) x

  5. Great post ~ love it! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    'thanks for coming by' ^_^

  6. What a delightful post and celebration of artists! I had no idea these people painted as well... Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I loved this post! I didn't know several of those celebrities made art. Fascinating!!

    I agree. I think people are creative in some way. Whether it is actual art or someone who can magically fix things with his hands or someone bakes masterpieces or can grow anything. Human beings are naturally creative and it has to come out one way or another. ;)

  8. It's encouraging to know that one is not limited to only a certain way of creative expression. I knew about some of these musicians/artists and their various creative outlets, and that gives me hope and inspiration to do the same. :-)

    Very powerful statement, Pauline. Thank you ~xx

  10. Gosh I didn't know about these people either- wow, am blown away. Art changed my life and gave happiness back to me. I will treasure it and develop it for that reason alone.

  11. A really interesting post (as always). Ronnie Wood is a fantastic artist, and I've seen other work of his on a TV programme. So many pop singers/instrumentalists are gifted artists. Thanks for an interesting post.

  12. Fabulous post and some really good work there. Mmm, I think it's not fair that these people are so talented in so many areas!

  13. Thank you for the kind words...
    Za faran: the Bob Dylan is my favorite too! :-)
    Giggles: I wanna be your kids. ;-)
    Tara: you made me laugh. Again. xox

  14. Wow, thanks for sharing these. I had no idea these singers could paint that well. I'm really impressed by Paul Mc Cartney and Joni Mitchell.

  15. Such an amazing collection! thanks for sharing these all with us Pauline. I'm incredibly impressed by the talent and variety. They all seem like perfect expressions of the artists as we know of them otherwise (even the dark flowers of Hitler)--guess there is just no hiding ourselves.

  16. Amen Sister!!
    Love all these artists and their multi forms of art! Especially Joni, she's my inspiration and so are you, Pauline. Thank you!!

  17. What a very interesting post! Such talented people...and I agree that Hitler's work looks dead. But I love the Bob Dylan. Who knew? I LOVE your blog and have become a follower...

  18. FABULOUS and timely post for me, Pauline. I've been teaching myself piano for the past year and a half and recently musing that had I learned piano as a child, I might today primarily be a musician dabbling in art. I look at this artwork by the musicians you've posted, and I'm blown away.....