Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Morgan Freeman

Good morning peeps.

it's portrait time again...

a few layers of green, brown, beige, white and black


I love Morgan Freeman as an actor.

I also think he's a pretty cool person - 
at least what i've seen of him.

The media gets caught up on things like
the 72 year old wanting to marry his 26 year old step grand-daughter
but i couldn't give a rat's ass who he marries.

As long as she's of legal age -
and she is, so more power to you, Morgan!

I know many 72 year olds
who would be more than happy 
to marry a 26 year old.

If only they were given the chance. 

But they don't have Morgan's money,
or sex appeal,
so it doesn't work the same way.

One of my favorite movies is THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

It was based on a Stephen King novel 
although you'd never tell when you watch the movie.
(Most of Stephen King's books are thrillers)

It's set in the 1940's - the story of 2 men in prison
who form a friendship over years of incarceration
and eventually find redemption.

Morgan plays a character called Red. 
I loved him - so believable.

These portraits are fun for me
because the format is relatively small
( 8.5 x 11, a normal sheet of paper )
and I do them pretty loosely so they don't take very long.

Once in a while,
we all feel the need to return to something familiar.

Something comfortable.

Portraits are kinda becoming my "something comfortable".

Enjoy the day folks.


  1. Great likeness. I've always been a Morgan Freeman fan as well. I saw a good interview with him on George Strombolopoulus. I think he played Mandela well in Invictus.
    Stay inspired!

  2. --What a Beautiful Man :)

    Great Job xx

  3. Yep, I'm a fan and loved Shawshank too. You captured the look of his eyes really well! Great job.

  4. Portraits are anything but familiar or comfortable for me--LOL!
    I didn't know he wanted to marry a 26 year old. There are a lot of young girls who'd love to marry a rich old actor, for sure. And they always seem to find each other and hook up. ;) I don't care who he marries, either. He's a fine actor. Loved him in of the few King movies I like. Shawshank, Stand By Me, Misery, and Delores Clairborn. I think that's it for me and Stephen King. Not a monster-thriller fan.

    You did a great job capturing him! :):)

  5. Thank you folks! Yes Michelle, i saw that interview with the Strombo. :-) I loved it. He just seems so gentle to me. (love your photo btw)

    And Rita, i also loved all those same Stephen King movies, although i always prefer the books. :-) I read a book a few years ago by Stephen King called "On Writing - a memoir of the craft" and LOVED it. He has a great sense of humour. I'm with you on the thriller genre... not a big fan. xoxo

  6. I am in awe of your portraits! The shading is so fantastic- so many great details. Wow!

  7. This is a fantastic portrait of him. Love it on the music paper. He is an incredible actor and has such a smooth vibe to him. I didn't know that about him, and I couldn't care either. I don't like getting caught up in all of that!

    I just love coming to your blog! So colorful and full of joy!

  8. I'm not sure I ever thought that someone would say that portraits are their comfort zone--you're a brave, talented woman! xx

  9. Love it! Great portrait as usual :)

  10. aaahh, stunning, Love your painting!