Friday, March 9, 2012

hi everyone!

It's Friday - my favorite day of the week.

Some of you already know
I haven't had the most inspirational week.

Regardless of how much i love doing this
or how grateful i am for being part
of such a supportive, creative community,
I still have moments of doubt
where i question what i do
and why I bother doing it.

Sometimes I question
whether i blog too often, or not enough,
or whether i should just stop altogether.

But then, I'd miss you all too much.

Of course i could visit your blogs without having one myself
but that just wouldn't feel like sharing to me.

Have i failed to mention that i can be anal sometimes? ;-)

So for me, it boils down to this:

I make art because it makes me happy,
and because i love the connection it creates with others.

And in this life,
when you find something that makes you happy,
you do it as often as you can. 

So here we go...
from my quick little pen sketch

to the fun part of the process... spreading paint!

purple and a blob of lime green...

shaping the hair...

more shapes and filling in with more color...

I don't know what was happening with my brushes -
I figure they're starting to crack up
from the long winter too...

The girl with the hearts in her hair.

closeup of the little white hearts and dots.

I love dots. Just in case you didn't already know that. :-)

The soul sisters - done.
With dots. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
and check out all the other lovelies



  1. So beautiful! I love how you started out with just a pen sketch. I can't imagine my world without blogging and sharing with other kindred spirits!

  2. Fantastic. I love all the little white dots and the bright wonderful colors.
    BTW when I clicked on your name in the comment section of my blog, I got a warning that this might be a phishing site. Wonder why? It didn't direct me to your profile but back to my own website. So I came to PPF to click on your name and got here ok without a warning.

  3. Wow! Excellent work Pauline. I love your style. I like the way the yellow haired girl came out of no where. Very artistic. Nice to meet you and Happy PPF. Have a great weekend and thx for stopping by my PPF post. Take care.

  4. Thank you all for the comments.

    Faye, you're the third person who tells me this... Maybe i should be worried? Not sure what a "phishing site" means but maybe someone out there can enlighten me as to what i should do - if anything.

  5. Hi Pauline, I'm sorry you've been having a rough week... You're so incredibly talented and I'd miss you horribly if you didn't share your gorgeous art with us. You paint how I wish I could paint--stylized, clean lines. You are an inspiration, even on your 'off' weeks. Hugs to you xx

  6. we all have shocking weeks now and again which I call my goldilocks weeks... everything is too hot or too cold, too soft or too hard... so forget about goldilocks coming to visit and hit the margaritas... nothing like a good old fashioned hangover to make you feel grateful for being alive...xx

  7. Hi Pauline. I'm glad you decided not to quit blogging as I loved this post! Great to see your progression on your wonderful piece. Spring is almost here and then the winter blues will be gone! I had them too for awhile. Happy PPF Anniversary! :-)

  8. Wonderful painting with joy and fun. Well Done!

  9. Blogging is a hard thing to balance....tis true!

    Painting because it makes you happy is the best reason of all to continue....and keep continuing!!
    You do it so well, too! These are both so beautiful!
    Dots do add a little something special to the mix, don't they?! Heehee!

  10. Hello Pauline, I really like the hair and colours, it's definitely an optimistic piece, stretching out! Enjoy your week-end and happy creating to you.xx

  11. Hey Pauline!
    I love your blog, it's one of the reasons i want to start my own- sometime this month... really :)


  12. I think Tracey's advice is spot on, and I'm so glad you commented on my PPF piece this week b/c now I've found another kindred spirit who makes art for exactly the same reasons I do. I'm happy that you mentioned the '60's influence in my work, as Peter Max was a huge influence and graced the walls of my bedroom for a decade! I adore these hearts flying around her long golden locks in your painting,btw. What a happy image!

  13. Wow! These are fabulous! I love seeing the way this painting progressed from the blobs of paint to the windows showing the lovely background and the wonderful white hearts and highlights!

    I'm so happy your painting continues to make you happy because it sure make me happy to see it!

    Soul sisters is gorgeous too...

  14. Love your dots and I would definitely miss you if you stopped blogging, so sure hope you'll stick around :).
    Stay inspired!

  15. Oh beautiful!! I love watching your creations come to life!!! much love x

  16. Lovely! Both of them. Love seeing work in progress shots. (I always forget about them myself--LOL!)
    Keep blogging!! And do what you love!! Yes!! Yes!!

  17. Oh my... these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Pauline!
    Loveall your artwork, very inspiring :]
    Happy Saturday ((hugs))

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  19. Love how her golden hair pops against that complementary violet background!
    Thank you for sharing the pics of your process, too!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  20. LOVE the girl with hearts in her hair. She just makes me smile. I hope next week is kinder to you, my friend. xoxo

  21. when you make art, you connect to an inner spirit...when you show it to others, it makes you vulnerable...don't give up....sometimes it really is necessary to take a complete break...or to change up where your energy is going...everyone deserves and needs a change of tasks once in a while...hope things look up next week..happy PPF

  22. Hi Pauline,
    really happy you have a change of heart about leaving blogger.Your art work that I just recently got to know , impressed me much and spoke of a gifted artist.
    I understand what you say about blogging and many a time the thought crossed my mind as well and then someone leaves me a lovely note explaining how much it has given them joy, example "my Fairy Tree" I sold on Etsy. This lady truly loves my work and even after she paid me I wished that I had instead gifted it to her simply because she adored it just so much.That's when I realize that if II didn't share my work on line and in my shop there probably would be very few venues I would otherwise try, this is just easier and I reach a bigger audience.
    But it isn't about the sales, it's more about the therapy I receive here on the PPF site and blogging thru my art .Because of my extended family's terminal illness, depression and life's altered paths it's been difficult on me and I struggle everyday with the blues . If not for this window to a wonderful life that can be enjoyed I would probably have spend many a day weeping and feeling sorry for myself and so this helps me tremendously. For me it works and like last fall sometimes I need a break and find solace in the quiet sanctuary of our home, everyone is differ.You'll know when you want to go .....I do hope you is just one of many healing therapies.
    Hugs Annabelle : )

  23. I love your artwork Pauline and that you show us the stages and steps. Very inspiring. Is the
    soul sisters going to be for sale? I have a couple souls sisters I am thinking about for whom it would make a lovely gift!

  24. oh pauline, this is awesome, love the first one so much!!!

  25. Wow, absolutely gorgeous work!!! Hey, the same thing has been happening to my brushes too! They don't make em like they use to I suppose. Happy PPF!!!Deb

  26. The picture is glorious, vibrant and warm.

    Don't stop blogging, blogland would be the poorer without you, and yes we've all been there and wondered the same things. Self-doubt, it's what helps us grow as artists :)


  27. I just found your blog. I just love seeing how your painting evolved. There is such a freedom in your work. I definitely will be back for more. Your new fan, Connie

  28. I love what you have shared - I'm so glad you're continuing to blog because I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings!

    It is so fun to see the progression of your blonde beauty :)


    p.s. My wood handled brushes do that all the time (but it's because I have a tendency to leave them sitting in water too long).

  29. Oh Pauline, Please don't think of quitting. I really love what you have here on the blog. And, its true, we all have our bad days. I was feeling bit down myself, but, reading your post makes me want to say to you,"Hey! Smile. Its okay."
    I am looking to see more of your wonderful, inspiring paintings and, hopefully make a friend. The 'medusa' like hair of girl with hearts and the bright colors are full of energy. So also soul sisters.

  30. love the girl with the hearts in her hair! She is beautiful and sweet and the colors really pop. I enjoyed your process too. Your dots bring a sense of movement and lightness to your pieces!

    I think we all have up and down waves when it comes to our art and being anal as well I sometimes feel like I need more structure and then I figure, it will figure itself out. I need to create and share bottom line. So I trek on and weeks later I forget all about it until it arises again and I tell myself to let go and just be. If I want to blog, blog. If I don't, then don't. We are the captains of our own ship and need to remind ourselves of that sometimes.

  31. Love, love, love your soul sister ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

  32. Love, love, love your soul sister ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

  33. Pauline, you are so imaginative and uninhibited.. your work free and natural.. Quite the Artist you are!!!

  34. Thank you so much everyone...
    it really warms my heart to know that you all took so much time to write so many beautiful comments.
    You've obviously all had your own "down" time when it comes to creativity. THANK YOU for reminding me it's all part of the process. xoxo