Thursday, March 29, 2012

spring is in the air...

A quick little pencil sketch on canvas paper...

two little love birds (in acrylic paints & micron pens)...

and a curly breeze,
welcoming spring like open arms.
(Soon to be found in my Etsy shop)

This morning, I took another beautiful walk and since it was low tide,
i made my way towards the seashore.

There's something about the sound
of chirping birds
that just makes my day.

As i walked on the frozen sand
and admired the calm waters,
I stopped for a bit,
to listen to the birds and
watch a few soaring seagulls.

(yes, seagulls soar too, along with the eagles...)

Just then, i heard a sound somewhere behind me
and when i turned around
there stood 3 deer,
watching me.

I've seen many wild animals during my morning walks.
Deer, coyote, pheasants, racoons, eagles, and last winter, a moose.

When i saw the moose in the dead of January,
he was crossing the frozen ice to the other side.
He was quite a distance from me
but still, I turned around
and headed for home. :-)

I love wildlife but the size of a moose
scares me.

I didn't have my camera with me this morning,
but i did have it a while ago
during another morning walk
and took these deer tracks...

a common sight now on the sand.

I somehow think i would just go numb
if i lived in a big, concrete city.

I know there are lots of perks about the city,
but i doubt i'd find them
because i'd be too busy 
looking for trees and the ocean.

Go figure.


  1. Good Morning East Coast....:0)

    I love the vibrant colour in your "Good Morning Spring" has such life!!!


  2. what a beautiful painting! I love seeing how much control folks have with acrylic paint - I am soooo messy :) hehe... super cute... definitely for Spring time!

  3. So beautiful!!
    The colors are bright and full of life, as Spring should be. :]
    Thank you for sharing your walk along the beach... it was lovely. ((hugs))

  4. What a cheerful spring painting! Love it!

  5. Oh, Pauline! I absolutely love it! Your sweet little birds.... It's so cheerful and springy but still with that oh so familiar chilly breeze in the air. I've never seen a moose but I hear they are HUGE. Deer are a much more relaxing sight! Keep up the beautiful work xx

  6. Beautiful painting Pauline, it is VERY happy to look at :) wow, lucky you, we don't get that many sights around here...though yes no matter how beautiful I think I'd be heading the other way if it were a moose in front of me lol much love xxx

  7. I agree...and know exactly what you mean Pauline.. I sometimes miss the convenience of the city but the country is the place for me... the wildlife, the birds, the light, the air, the freedom... can't beat it..

    we had 2 moose running around our yard a few years ago.. they were big.. unusual looking and perfect...

  8. Your tree is so expressive, it shouts Spring! :-) I love it! And the birds are just too cute :-)

  9. Wow! I'm glad you found my blog since it's lead me to your blog! This painting is so bright, cheerful and charming. Love the two little birds.

  10. Love your painting!! Vibrant colors!!

  11. Cute paintings! I am just now getting around to visiting all of the challenge participants. Good luck!

  12. airy, cute and bright...everything i'm not at the moment hehe

  13. Linda - the amount of control all depends on my mood.

    Gwen - yes, i think we're both lucky gals.

    Ildiko... your comment made me laugh. Trust me, things aren't always bright & cheery here either. xoxo