Saturday, December 29, 2012

why the holidays always make me go 'hhhhmmmm'

when i have a terrible need of - shall i say the word - religion, then i go out and paint the stars. 
- Vincent Van Gogh

i love the Van Gogh quote...

hello friends!

Christmas has come and gone for another year.

It was certainly different without mom,
but we made the best of it.

We had our traditional feast of Acadian poutines
and meat pies and seafood casserole and of course,
family and friends.

Oh, and there was wine... ;-)

i'm finally slowly making my way
back to the paints and crayons and colours.
I've missed it.

(coloured crayons on paper)

I did this one quickly last night,
just wanting to get back to doing at least something.

They're hanging on for dear life till the holidays are over. ;-)

i love the quote...

how many of us really dare to be ourselves, i wonder?
how many of us go through life wearing a mask,
pretending to be one thing or another?

how many of us are afraid to show our true colours,
for fear of not being accepted, or loved?

Children are usually wonderful at showing their true colours,
until the adults get in the way
and teach them what to think
rather than how to think.

I hope i am teaching my son how to think for himself...
how to decide whether or not he likes something,
based on how it makes him feel.

A paper clip painting... acrylic on paper.
Proof that you don't need an amazing subject
to paint something. :-)

And a few days ago, 
I saw this movie with a friend.

Loved it. Would see it again.

I hope you all had the kind of holiday you love -
whether that means non stop partying for you,
or a peaceful time at home with a good book or a few friends.

There's something about getting back into an artful routine
that feels wonderfully comforting to me...

Thanks for sharing this space with me.
I'll be back soon. Hope you join me again.


  1. I enjoyed reading your story and seeing the accompanying art. I am sitting at home alone right now. I hear the clothes tumbling in the dryer. Company left half an hour ago. Husband went out for a bit. Don't know where the cat is. Just enjoying doing not much right now, it's peaceful. I like it.

  2. And what a fantastic looking paper-clip it is, Pauline. :) I'm glad to hear you enjoyed time with family and friends over Christmas.

    Your posts are always so lovely and thought-provoking. Sometimes, I have to think back to when I was a child to 'know me', if that makes sense. I was so insecure and shy growing up so was the perfect candidate for being 'brainwashed by society' or 'led by other people's likes, dislikes and opinions'. I think blogging has really helped me connect back to that little girl inside and learn more about 'me'.

    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. I love your strawberry heart spraying color everywhere! And the paper clip is awesome! :)

    The girls supporting each other is really sweet to me. If I was drawing myself as a child, I would be standing alone. Support was not there from other people. But I had to learn to support and trust myself that way, so it turned out to be a good thing in the long run.

    I will see that movie when it comes out on DVD. I've seen other versions over the years and they have all been good.

    I had a peaceful Christmas with Karma. Very contented and laid back holidays for me the past decade or so. No stress.

    I wish you a wonderful 2013. *hugs*

  4. I enjoyed seeing your post today. Sounds like your son is going to grow up to be a fine, considerate young man.

  5. Great post, as always! :-)
    It is true, fear of not being accepted, personal insecurities makes people wear masks that become walls against the world until our hearts break out of it. In the process people who stick around are our true friends.
    Love reading what you write, seeing your art.
    All the best for the coming year!

  6. I agree, it's lovely to get back to some art .... Though I am easing myself in gently with doodling, which always helps to get me started.
    Enjoyed your paintings. The paperclip is so simple, but so effective.
    What are Acadian poutines?

  7. Oh I can't wait to make a mess again. This putting my art away is hard. Even when my muse decided to take a holiday of it's own! Glad to hear you found a few snippets of peace during the season! Always enjoy my visit here! The older you get the easier it is to be yourself, and less people care that you are!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. So glad to hear that you made it through Christmas. Very interesting to hear your traditional east-coast eats, so different from this side of the country. Just goes to show how vast Canada really is. LOVE that quote. It's certainly going to be one of my focuses this year. Keep taking care, xoxo

  9. Hi Pauline, Happy Holidays:) Mine was on the quiet side and very happy for it:)
    Les Mis looks good! i just saw the Hunger Games last night, I'm a little behind the times but that's alright. I just love your pages and that heart is something else, wonderful stuff and as always, a super post!
    Love Fran T XO

  10. Glad to see you are back in your art room, Pauline...I have been at my art desk all day.
    I am one who always has a difficult time adjusting to the "holidays". Guess I'm a born hermit.
    Almost a new year, Hope it is a good one for everyone.

  11. Take care, my friend! :]
    It is wonderful to see you "arting" again...
    thank you for sharing your talents and thoughts, you have such a gift. ~xx
    "CHEERS"... to art & friendship.