Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a perfect time to come together...

hello friends...
it's beginning to look (and feel) like winter.

more small tag art...

The breeze at dawn is usually wise - if we listen.

Sometimes, it tells me to remember to breathe,
sometimes, it tells me the world has gone mad,
but most times, it tells me to be grateful
for another day
and to be ok with not knowing or understanding

Amidst the fear and anger
and pain and hatred...
there are so many gentle hearts out there.
So many good people.

That's what I try to remember.

I had a great little painting session last night...

At first it was just paint blobs,
but then it transformed into a face. 

a green face, but still - a face. 

and yes, it's beginning to look like Christmas too...

it'll be different this year, without mom here,
but we'll make the best of it.

The blue ball is for her. :-)

There are many people with heavy hearts this year,
especially in Connecticut.

I wish i could take away their pain.

Another page spread in my journal...

acrylic on paper...

i go into a meditative state
when i'm doing these dots and circles.

I hold myself back,
for fear that the whole painting
will end up being nothing but a shit load of dots. :-)

So here we are, a week before Christmas.

For those of you who celebrate it,
do so with peace in your hearts
and hopefully, a glass of wine in your hand.

LOVE to all of you...


  1. Here's hoping your Christmas isn't too painful. I guess there'll be tears and sadness at this end too, as well as in too many other places, but there'll be light again, the same as at the end of the longest night.

    I'm missing my paints, but playing with words makes a change. Here's to Winter, wine and dottiness :D


  2. Love your meditative dots - they always turn out so beautifully -
    Also inspired by your gorgeous "surprise" face - such pretty colors!

  3. Hello Pauline, your tree is so beautiful, I love this wintery season, it's so full of magic! I have the same feeling when doodling with dots and circles, it's so relaxing, does me the world of good! It looks so lovely where you live with the snow, so keep cosy and warm and all the best to you for the season. xx

  4. I'm so sorry your mom will not be with you in person but I'm sure she will be in your thoughts. She will always live on.

    Your journal must be a masterpiece to tour though. every page so full of color, ideas and design.

    ... and I love your new Profile picture.. Beautiful!!!

    Quite the blustery, blowing sideways snow storm day we are having.. Glad to be inside.
    yes a glass of wine would be lovely to comfort the soul. xo

  5. Beautiful artwork, and love the blue ornament for your mom! I always remember with fondness my mom when the tree goes up.

    I hope you find some light moments during the season. It's really all you can ask for at this point. Enjoy them as she would want you to!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Yes, we have to remember all the good people. There are many, many more of them than the bad people. :)

    Love the art journaling. I love when it is meditative and calming and you can get lost in time.

  7. A beautiful dawn photo, and two great paintings. Your green and blue girl is so meditative.
    I wish you a peaceful Christmas, and a healthy year in 2013 full of friends around the world. Jez xx

  8. Pauline, that pic is so beautiful..what a contrast - orange of the sun and white snow! Good to see the painting taking shape and love the tag!
    I am sure your Mom will be with you in spirit!
    Sending lots of cheer your way!