Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a mishmash of art, words and snow

Loneliness is the poverty of self;
solitude is the richness of self.
May Sarton

(micron pen and acrylic on paper)

There's a huge difference between being lonely
and being solitary.

I am a solitary person.
I am rarely lonely.

I rather enjoy being alone,
with my books,
and writings
and paintings,
and thoughts.

this doesn't mean i don't enjoy the company of others -
i just more often prefer to be by myself.

I believe (like May Sarton),
that this is often where we find our own richness.

My best writing
or painting
is done when i am alone.

when i am not comparing myself to anyone.

when i am listening to myself
rather than being drowned out
by someone else's voice,
or perspective,
or talent
or genius.

(micron pen on paper)

With the world at our fingertips today,
it is so important as artists
to let ourselves be inspired by others
without letting ourselves be diminished
by everyone else's greatness.

Comparison paralyzes creativity.

So if you are here to make the world a better place,
in your own way,
it cannot be done if you compare yourself to others.

They are they,
and you are you. :-)

we're getting a snowstorm today.
It will be a white christmas after all. :-)


And this, a lovely handmade card i got from Lorinda last week...
reminding me that there are better days ahead,
and that love can be expressed in more ways than one.

She actually thanked me for having inspired her.
That just made my heart swell. xox

and speaking of love,
how great is this?!
Check out the bookworm bookmark. :-)

Colouring books i got from Doodlers Anonymous -
drawings done by artists from all over the world.

Love on paper.

i bought them to give as Christmas gifts,
but i think i may need to order a few extras for myself.

You even get a chance to have your doodles in the next book!

how fun are these faces?
oh yeah, i'll need to get extras for myself.

I'm kinda thinking it's a good thing i wrapped them already -
otherwise, i'd be colouring right now. :-)


  1. Pauline, your posts are inspiring! While I don't live alone, I do classify myself as a solitary person because I also enjoy my own company. While others get bored being alone, I have a ton of things I like to do and I'm never bored.

    Thank you for another wonderful post and I agree....we are all individuals with our own special talents and there is no need to compare ourselves to others.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ xx

  2. Solitary isn't a problem. When I'm not working I can go for 2 or 3 days without seeing another living soul. People find it hard to comprehend that I can spend that time doing stuff and not be lonely. They seem to need attention and somebody to interact with or they're bored.
    The upside is; when I do have company it makes it all the more special. Friday will be a blast :D

    Love the doodling books by the way - they'd keep me quiet for hours :)


  3. "I am a solitary person.
    I am rarely lonely." This is me to a tee....I think you may find many artists the same! However I love my friends and our time together!! I can be very social! Profound post and lovely cards and gifts....someone will enjoy the books for sure!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I am a member of the solitary club, also. The things I have always loved to do are solitary--like reading, writing, art, and crafts. I am never lonely. I'm social, but have always needed my alone time just to refuel my soul. Totally understand.

    What a lot of beautiful gifts! Life is good! :)

  5. I am not surprised that you inspire people. I know I find you inspirational. So glad my daughter started me blogging this year and that I found your blog, and those of so many inspirational people. Artists are such a wonderful community.

  6. I love the quotes! And your first drawing! Happy CED! Rachel #54

  7. I LOVE those doodle gifts--I can certainly see why you're keeping them for yourself :-) Yep, I'm a solitude girl as well. I'm off for two weeks and having three days planned for Christmas festivities is the most I could stand to book. So glad you like the card Pauline. You are a HUGE inspiration! xoxo

  8. Hello Pauline, how lovely and snowy it looks your way, so cosy, perfect for Christmas! I like you, love to be on my own, arting or reading, or's pure bliss! You can enjoy being with others more after that good quiet time with yourself! Best wishes to you Pauline! xx

  9. Hi Pauline! Your post on Solitude and Comparison was just what I needed to hear today! Great post! Thank you for inspiring me to feel better! I am in need of some SOLITUDE. :)

  10. Hey you, been catching up on your last SEVEN posts. Am so behind with blogs now I'm just going to do a cull for the new year I think. (NOT YOURS, obviously.)

    That quote - you cannot know how comforting that is to me right now. Some stuff has been happening (not the good stuff) and my lifelong love of solitary has melted away and I find myself unable to be alone lately because of the rampant loneliness. This is so unlike me, it's very unnerving. I know I'll get myself back, but int the interim this post is very comforting to me. Big hugs xxx

  11. So true! We really should not compare ourselves to others. We all have our own unique gifts to grow! A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. May you have the choicest gifts of the season- love, joy, hope and peace beyond understanding. Patsy from