Thursday, December 15, 2011

michael jackson

a quick outline...

...add some browns


and black & blue. 

I heard something on the news last night that inspired this painting.
Michael Jackson supposedly kept motivational tapes under his pillow.
The tapes are reported as giving messages like "you are a good person" and "you are worthy"...

The whole thing just made me sad.

The idea that he still needed someone - a stranger on a tape - to tell him that he was "good"
made me think that he must have felt such emptiness inside.
Michael has been described as the king of pop, a pedophile, an addict,
and a musical genius.

Maybe he was all of these things, but whenever i see him, i just see suffering.
Those eyes were definitely suffering eyes, regardless of how much his body was dancing.


  1. This painting is amazing. You have his likeness spot-on and done with minimal few colors. That blue is gorgeous by the way. Wonderful Pauline!

  2. Beautiful painting, Pauline! You definitely captured a sadness within. He was gifted in so many ways but he endured a lot growing up. He cared deeply about people, animals and the environment and I still find it hard to watch him on DVD without tearing up. He will be missed.

  3. Very well done and you did capture the lost look in his eyes.

  4. You have been extremely productive .. Wow.. so much creativity on every post!!!

    I love that you are reusing the music book to paint on.. the paper is usually very sturdy... Yesterday I was making envelopes from an old one I had and I just love them.