Friday, December 16, 2011

intuitive painting

I thought i'd attempt intuitive painting last night.

Just let myself go & put blobs of paint anywhere on the paper
without thinking about whether it makes sense or not,
or without trying to make it look like something.

4 colours - prussian blue, purple, white and turquoise.

Whenever i begin this process, it never takes long for my brain to kick in
& start whispering things like, "what the hell is this supposed to be?" or
"c'mon now, you're not cut out for abstract painting". :-)

I ignore the inner critic & just keep putting blobs here & there,
looking for areas that feel interesting to circle or branch out with.
I don't know if it would be defined as abstract, because in the end,
something always ends up looking like something.

I don't give this much thought as i'm painting though. 
It doesn't need to be categorized. 
It just needs to be painted.

I put colour where i feel like putting colour
...and a few things start taking shape here & there...

some added white & detail, until it feels finished.

It may not be something i'd frame on my wall, but the process is very liberating,
and that's ultimately what it's about, isn't it? There's a certain point in this process
where i no longer hear the critical whispers in my head
and where the music is perfect
and the air is good
and I am totally comfortable
and i am in the zone...

I believe it is that sacred space that allows us all to shine.

It is that space that allowed Tiger Woods to be at the top of his game,
or Michaelangelo to paint his masterpiece,
or Mozart to compose his symphony.

After i'm done, I only then notice my dirty water. :-)

I'm bad with changing the water - I should really have spare water containers by my side
so I wouldn't need to get up & change it when i'm on a roll.


And on another note, I feel like an magnet for assholes these days... :-(

I got stopped by the police yesterday for having expired license plates.
My stickers were due 2 weeks ago... i hadn't noticed. 
Some cops are good people - i'm sure of this - but this guy wasn't one of them.
He happily wrote me a ticket. 
$172.50, two weeks before Christmas.

I hope Santa brings him a bag of coal... :-)

I love happy bunny & have this little poster on my studio wall.
Last night, it made me smile more than usual.


  1. Sorry about that ticket, that sucks :(

    THe painting is gorgeous Pauline!! I started doing abstracts for that very reason. I was so sick of my own critical whispers. I found the same experience as you and was quite pleased with the outcome. My abstracts are so different from my "regular" stuff but to me they are the Truth. Me creating clearly. Have a great day! Terrific post!

  2. I love Happy Bunny! I also love the freedom of intuitive painting. Yours is great!
    Have a Wonder filled weekend :0)

  3. Wow, I wish all my intuitive paintings turned out this pretty! I love it! And Happy Bunny really made me smile, which I needed today, so thanks. :)

  4. Pauline - sucks about the ticket! I love all your work because no matter what you do it comes from the heart and is so authentic. Happy Bunny made me laugh out loud. From now on during my hectic subway commutes I will his smiley face and the words below in mind. Oh how it will make me smile during that cramped annoying begin and end to my work day.

  5. OH, what rotten luck to get a ticket and a fine so close to Christmas. :(

    Your finished abstract is fantastic, Pauline!! :) To me, it has a Christmas feel to it. I only painted abstracts for the first time in recent months and I thoroughly enjoyed the process and plan to do more.

  6. Your painting is gorgeous! I have an extremely hard time letting go too--you're proof positive that letting go can create incredible beauty. Thank you.

  7. I *really* like your intuitive painting! Great colors, too! I want to try it...not like I have anything else going on the week before Christmas, right? ;)

  8. Such lovely talent!
    So glad I dropped in for a visit, thank you for sharing, it is a beautiful piece of work :]

  9. That intuitive painting turned out so beautifully.... all the white just made it come together and it is one of my favourite pieces from you... and bad karma to the cop... why are they so painful...xx

  10. Sorry to hear about the ticket :( I love the way that your intuitive painting turned out though! Gorgeous combination of colors and pattern.

  11. I find this piece and watching its development very inspirational!