Wednesday, December 14, 2011

walmart lady

This poor Walmart woman seemed anything but happy to serve me... 
There were actually posters just behind her that read "WE CARE". Good ol' Walmart... :-)

Just goes to show you can surround a person with all the smiley faces you want,
but if her heart is unhappy, or if she's been standing on her feet for 8 straight hours, it won't matter.

Still, this whole scene made me smile.


  1. HAHAHA! This pretty much sums up my experience everytime I go to Wal-Mart, especially during Christmas time. :P

  2. I wish everyone gave good old-fashioned service with a can be quite a rarity these days. I always try to smile and be polite regardless....sometimes, I'm tempted to ask if they're having a bad day or if they're mean to customers all the time. ;)

    Love your sketch!

  3. Smile - the customer is always right!

    Love the sketch :)

  4. haha! I can relate. I worked retail while going thru school (toy department no less). Its brutal sometimes during the holiday. But smiling works for everybody... in doing so it makes everyone feel better, especially the smiler:) IMO!

  5. J'aime les couleurs que tu as utilisées. L'effet de la peinture donne vie à l'image, même si l'expression de la dame est plutôt froide et méprisante. J'avais entendu dire que les employés devaient se rassembler et danser avant que le magasin ouvre ses portes le matin. Un genre de séance de motivation organisé par les superviseurs. Je ne sais pas si ça se fait toujours, mais ça en dit long sur la philosophie de Walmart.

  6. Love your Walmart lady! So funny and fun.

  7. Oh, my! I love this. Talk about art imitating life, you've certainly captured it. How much is she?