Wednesday, December 7, 2011

reach for the moon

my pencil sketch wasn't worth much - after i spread the paint on the canvas,
it totally covered my pencil lines... :-)

a bit of colour & texture (sponge & paper towel!)

a bit more colour & detail

... me & the swirly swirls... :-)

a few little words & voilĂ .

This was done last night on a small canvas (i think it's 8" x 8"). 

I think back sometimes at how i became an artist and inevitably, it takes me back to childhood.
When my friends were playing with Barbies & dolls, i was painting their faces with magic markers. :-) I'd spend hours with colouring books & crayons & paper & scissors. Whenever it would thunder, mom would take out her ingredients & make us home made play dough with food colouring & all.
To this day, i love thunder.

When i was 10 or 11, a family friend came back from Japan & brought me a few magazines & books - all written in Japanese. I thought the lettering was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. So I grabbed some paper & copied about 10 pages of text - only because i loved the look of all those little lines & squares & symbols. 

Were you always creative, or was it something you developed with time?
What kind of things did you love doing as a child? 

Carpe Diem folks...


  1. She's so sweet :). I've always been artistic too. I was lucky enough to grow up with an artistic Mother, Sister and Grandmother and enjoying Mr. Dress-up on TV. He was so intent on bringing out the imagination in children.
    Stay inspired!

  2. OMG - I double love this - maybe it has something to do with the Moon. giggle

    As a kid I was a girl scout and my Mom was the leader. She would always have us do art projects. I also had a great art teacher when in grade school. I still see her when I visit home.
    My Mom is an artist, even though she calls herself a "crafter" she is incorrect, she is a quilter and throughout her life has created many pieces of art. I remember when I was a child each year she would sell handmade Christmas ornaments - I still remember helping to make them and I still have many of them that I hang on my own tree each year.

  3. Loving this Pauline, thank you for showing her process, I always enjoy seeing that. Lovely childhood story, I hate thunder but if my mum did that when it happened I'm sure I'd love it too x

  4. Beautiful painting, Pauline! Great to see the process too.

    Art came late to me in life although, when I think back to my childhood, I remember that I did enjoy drawing and keeping journals. I guess it never developed further. It was an accident, quite literally, that brought art back into my life in my 30's and I haven't stopped being creative since. :)

    ~ Serena xo

  5. thank you for stopping by and commenting on the ATCs. If you follow that link on my blog you'll find more info out about them! i am getting addicted!
    I love your post and always delighted when you show your steps!
    I have always been creative and my family has always been so supportive. My grandmother used to keep the white stiff card that came in her pantyhose package, so I could use it to draw on . She always had paper plates for me to use too but the pantyhose card was the best! what a wonderful memory, thanks for making me remember that today:)

  6. I absolutely love her! I too appreciate you showing us the process. :-)

  7. Wonderful painting, and nice to see the process too.

    I wasn't in the least bit 'arty' when I was at school, or for most of my life (I was a science & maths type) but after a mid-life shake-up a few years ago I've found it's become a big part of my life.

  8. I lost it for a while in the middle, but do believe I've always been creative. My mom recently gave me some of my childhood artwork she'd found in the attic--and among them are several crayon "studies" of the same group of trees...I think I was about 8 years old. I'll have to post them one day :)

  9. Your canvas has turned out really well and I enjoyed following your steps. Great job!
    I have always been creative in some way. First it was with fabric and as a child my favourite occupation was looking for wild flowers and trying to identify them.

  10. I really do love all of your characters...

    I've been creating for as long as I can remember. I took art classes after school in elementary school and still get nostalgic whenever I hear classical music on the CBC. I recently found some pieces from when I was younger that I'm planning to photograph and share on my blog. I figure they're worth a chuckle :-)