Friday, February 3, 2012

jewish man & grandson

I have at least 20 paintings in my studio,
just sitting there.

This is one of them.
It was painted a few years ago,
and i was never too happy with it
for several reasons.

But when i crop it different ways... it doesn't seem so bad.

So maybe i'll attempt a technique i've seen a few times...
where the painting is cut up & repasted on another canvas,
with added colour and/or texture.

I wouldn't use such a technique
for a ballerina painting,
but i think it would lend itself well to this subject.

Sorry about the bad lighting, but you get the idea... 

I love this part of the painting,
even though grandpapa's leg is too short...

There's just something about that little boy
hanging on to his loop,
and his dangling pocket watch...

Both grandson & grandfather were gassed in Auschwitz
during the holocaust,
too young and too old to work.


And on a lighter note,
my little morning sketch...

wishing you all a wonderful weekend...
(even those of you who own a Bluetooth) 


  1. This is such a lovely painting, thank you for sharing. :]
    The colors look so smoothly put together... so creamy and dreamy, I love it!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Great painting Pauline! Love the Bluetooth illustration too - I usually think of drive true attendants, not kings, when i see someone with one though :)