Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the stars...

I've been thinking lately about
the pressure some people put on themselves
to be "in the know".

The pressure to be the best,
and to blog, and Facebook, and Twitter and Google
and whatever else is out there.

To know everything about everyone
and to reach as many people as they can
and keep everyone up to date
on their own happenings
practically every hour of the day.

For some, every few minutes of the day. :-)

I think some of us have lost the ability
to just be with ourselves,
gadget free.

Maybe it's a generation thing.

Maybe i'm just getting old. 


There are interesting
and intriguing lives out there,
but many of us are so busy
living someone else's definition of success,
or trying to imitate the lives of others,
we've forgotten how to live our own.

We've forgotten our own definitions 
of success
or happiness
or how much is enough.

It's easy to feel left behind
or not part of the loop sometimes.

I think it's important to remind ourselves now & then
that in this age of technology
and the need to know everything about everyone
every waking hour of the day -

it really doesn't matter in the end.

it's ok not to know sometimes...

and just be with the stars in the sky
instead of the cell phones.

So cut yourself some slack,
and give yourself permission
to live like the Flintstones. 



  1. This is so pretty, and your words are perfect! It is easy to get bogged down sometimes...I know I need an occasional reminder of what really matters in the big picture. Abba-dabba-do!

  2. I know exactly what you mean and the acceptance of self comes to the fore as we get a little older and more wise...thanks for thsi:)

  3. Love her hair :)! Luckily I'm very comfortable with myself - it's other people I have a hard time with. lol
    Stay inspired!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been here admiring your lovely artwork for awhile now. Love all the vibrancy and how many of the paintings kinda reach out and grab me! I'm feeling inspired to paint now!

  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah, we all need a little reminder now & then.
    Cat, you kill me... :-)
    Michelle, we all have a hard time with other people. It's never us. hehehehee...

  6. A very lovely piece. Love her flowing hair surrounded in stars.
    I too luv dreaming with the stars in the sky , thou sometimes I get caught in the glittering web viewing all the pretty stuff.

  7. You've got a serious sketch book. I don't paint nearly enough but then, I'm writing a lot more these days.

  8. ...great, love your work, the movements of the girl are so real and dreamy.

  9. Hello Pauline, your piece is lovely, and yes I agree with what you say about technology and how sometimes we should just stop...be with ourselves or the moment...I don't have a cell phone, and I do limit my boys on the computer, I am quite strict on that one, as I love to see them play and use their imagination.

    Blogging is what has captured me, I'm not into face book or anything else, it's just a way to share in art and thoughts that I enjoy.

    I'm just happy to check out your musings and paintings, have a good day! xx

  10. how true this is! i have been off line for quite a few days. My uncle passed away and travelling to be with my dad and family during this time, and still working my day job proved for some really FULL days. So I panicked because my 'online presence' was suffering but caught myself super fast:) I was doing the MOST important thing. Being with friends and family celebrating my uncle's life. Not posting, not blogging about it but living it. Thank you for this reminder! your writing is so eloquent Pauline.

  11. I love this post! Thanks for the reminder. I agree social media can get so noisy and distracting at times. And I am trying to have more time just being, creating, drawing, dreaming and feeling calm and relaxed. Thank you for this lovely post xx

  12. This is a great post.. beautiful work... your thoughts are exactly right.. there is so much now of everything... remember the days before computers.. seems a long time ago now.. I used to get so much more done then..

  13. Wonderful painting. She looks so free. I agree with everything you said.

  14. Yes Gwen, i do remember the days before computers!! I swore i'd never become my parents but i catch myself sometimes when i'm talking to my 16 year old son... sounding like my parents "well, i remember when i was your age...no TV, walking everywhere... blah blah blah" :-)

  15. Wonderful page! It speaks of freedom, the freedom to be yourself! Patsy from