Friday, March 30, 2012

Paint Party Friday and life's curve balls

This morning, as i went out for a little drive
(and picked up a coffee at the same time!)
i was thinking about what my life was like a few years ago
and how different it is today.

Based on all the cheerful, sparkly, yellow paintings
you've seen here on my blog,
some may think i live in la-la land.

That my life is always beautiful and peaceful
and pretty.

Well... it's not.

I face the same issues many of you face
on a daily basis
I just make a conscious choice
to focus on the good things.

I think this is the key to a happy life.

It may sound like denial to some
but it keeps me sane
so it's all good to me. :-)

In the past few years,

I've lost a job,

my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer,

my father had a serious heart attack,

good friends of ours lived through the painful experience
of seeing their son paralyzed in a car accident

and a dear friend of mine left this planet
way too soon,
leaving 2 beautiful young boys
who miss her deeply.

It's not what happens that matters,
it's how we look at it.

Each of these experiences
forced me to face
the important questions
and as cliché as it sounds
made me a stronger person.

My issues are minor
compared to the issues of so many others

and yet

i allow myself the space to grieve when it is time.

 I do this mostly through art and writing
as many of you must do as well.

So there is truth for me in the words:

Art saves

And there is still so much goodness
in the world...

my son's smile,

a good book,

conversation with a friend,

a walk on the beach,

morning coffee,
...and the chance to win a new car!

Try to notice the good things
in your day today.

...and don't lose sight of them,
regardless of the chaos around you.



  1. "I just make a conscious choice
    to focus on the good things"

    And a most excellent way of looking at life it is :)

    A wonderfully vibrant piece of work, and using the same two colours that I mostly associate with healing :)

    Good luck with the new car ;)


  2. Beautiful page. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  3. Pauline,
    I love this post. It really touch me and brought tears to my eyes.
    I, too, try to focus on the good and try to choose to be happy.
    So glad there are other artists who feel the same way.
    What a brave and beautiful post.
    Thank you.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Hello Pauline, indeed, sounds good to me! We need the good and the bad that show up the good in an even better light!
    So cheers to Spring and light coming back, life and its beauty, those quiet good moments that we cherish, creating, playing with colours and enjoying it all! xx

  5. very colorful and creative work ~ your spirit is healing and strong ~ day at a time ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Sound advice. Reminds me of the Jewel song (can't recall the title). Last year I had a Daily Five tab where I posted five things I was grateful for everyday, just to remind myself and others that it's all in the perspective. I'll be starting that again thanks to you. So, you'll be the first one on my list ;).
    Stay inspired!

  7. yes to appreciate the good things
    to attempt to be brave enough for the painful frightening things
    and yes art saves, inspires, heals, brings us present and on and on it goes.

    your art is lovely
    i bow to you for inspiring us

  8. Thank you for your inspiring words, and beautiful, cheerful art!!

  9. Fantastic post!! :]
    The artwork is very uplifting and colorful, love it!

  10. Fabulous, Pauline, I think we are kindred spirits! :-)
    I love your statement: "I just make a conscious choice to focus on the good things." It sounds easy, but it's not, you have to work on it all the time. Over the last few years this has become my way of thinking too, having a chronic ill son, and my husband was treated, successfully, for leukemia a year and a half ago. For me, it has been the only way to survive.
    For a long time I have not had the energy to do any silver smithing, but I still had the need to express myself somehow, and photography and writing has become an art form that I could do without being tied to a studio. This year is dedicated to getting back into my studio and start creating jewelry again :-)

  11. Oh, and I hope you win that car! :-))

  12. This is a beautiful post and lovely painting. You are so right that we can consciously choose to look at things and our life in a positive light. It makes all the difference in the world. Happy PPF!

  13. Oooh, what a beautiful post and piece! I LOVE all the bold, beautiful color and absolutely agree with and adore the meaning behind it. You are so right. Sometimes I could even be accused of "faking it until you make it" . . . thanks for sharing and for your lovely comments, xo

  14. Great thoughts and post! So true! Plus i love your cheery art, and your comment on my blog made me smile!

  15. Fantastic attitude!!! Thanks for the uplifting post and the wonderful art you share with us!

  16. This is a wonderful post. I too choose to concentrate on the positive in my life. Someone asked once if I was kidding myself or not living in reality but I am. I realize the challenges that life brings but I choose to do the best I can with them and enjoy each day for the special moments it presents. Each Friday I recognize the things that I am grateful for on my blog.

  17. Wow that is quite a journey you have been on. And I can see it in your art--the bright, cheering colors, the hypnotic patterns. Healing indeed. Art definitely saves.

  18. I totally agree with you. I "choose" to look for the positives. I believe happiness is a choice that is not dependent on circumstances. Not that you don't need healthy time to cry or grieve when necessary, but...I have been through enough traumatic and stressful circumstances in my life to have proved my hypothesis to myself. Life is good. There is always trouble and sorrow in life so, as they say, why borrow more. ;)

  19. Yes Pauline, its so true, we should 'try' to heal ourselves. Keep smiling. Choose to keep oneself happy.
    I just lost my Mother to stomach cancer. I watched her die bit by bit.
    I have to heal too. Thanks.

  20. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt comments.
    I send you ALL warm hugs across the miles...

  21. Thanks for writing this post. Sometimes its easy to forget that seeing the positive in life is a choice. My mother used to always tell me that the more good I looked for, the more I would find. Years later, I know she's right.

  22. Vous avez tout à fait raison. Il faut se concentrer sur les bonnes choses!!! la vie est trop courte.
    Je suis contente de découvrir votre blog

  23. Adding this vibrant colours to your life helps focus on all the good I think.


  24. That's a beautiful way to approach life. Life is hard enough without making art about the hardship as well. (That's not to say I never use art to express sadness, but once it's done I move on to something happy and restoring)

  25. Hi Pauline, love catching up on your blog, always interesting reading. Love the colours in your paintings and your outlook on life. There really is so much to be thankful for everyday x