Thursday, February 2, 2012

bad days...

Yesterday was a storm day.
This is what greeted me when i opened the front door
and it was only just beginning.

Unlike many others, i don't mind the snow. 
I enjoy walking in the white of it all, so I'm ok with it.

Some days though, it just feels like the planets aren't aligned. 
Yesterday (and today) are such days for me.

Days where we wake up feeling energized
and have an image in our heads
of how smooth this day is gonna be -
and then little things start to happen
that throw this vision right out the window.

With the snow.

It's so important during such days
to ground ourselves with whatever helps us make sense of life.
Because let's face it - it doesn't always make sense.

For me, it's writing & art.

These things allow me to vent my frustrations & questions
with words & paint, without harming anyone else,
and before i know it,
while I may still feel melancholic about life
or wonder why certain things happen,
i am no longer angry or burdened.

The change in energy is palpable,
and while the circumstances are still the same,
I feel lighter somehow
and when i feel lighter, I feel more open to life,
centered and able to share.

What makes you feel grounded?

What makes you feel connected within the chaos?


  1. I'm a fan of snow until it gets slushy and icy and slippery, ie. not for very long. I know what you mean about your energy changing through writing and art, it's the same for me. Sometimes I just need to speak my thoughts {out loud or written in my journal or on my blog} for something to shift. It's almost like holding them in is toxic and once they're out I'm 'clean' again! So I'd go with art, writing and also the sea. And maybe squishing a small child or animal.

  2. HAHAHA!! you kill me Tara... LOL... xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness... SNOW!!
    I don't get to experience that much here, in Southern California.
    Yes, I would have to find something to ground me too. :]
    My issue, is staying focused...
    I like to work on several different pieces of artwork, at a time!
    Finishing them all is the key!! (LOL)
    Take care. :]

  4. I would most likely turn to my art or books where I usually go 'into the zone' for hours. Time with my kids and dogs always seems to ground me too.

    We don't get snow in our sub-tropical climate. I did get to enjoy the white stuff in Wyoming when we lived there for a short time. I was terrified to drive in it though and I still remember shovelling snow from the driveway. It has it's good and bad points, I guess. :)

    I love your workspace!

  5. Love the little feet artwork on your desk!

  6. We've had such mild weather lately, around the 60's, so I envy your snow right now!

  7. Hello Pauline, I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog, your paintings and them!! I like your jewish painting very much, it has a quietness all of its own and a real soul.
    As for those days...yes well I love to write and painting certainly helps me's a meditation all of its own and makes me feel so good. I love the snow, but down in the South of France we don't get so much, living in Canada must be great, it's such a beautiful place, take care and enjoy... xx

  8. This winter has been really mild for us and I actually miss the snow. Its Feb and we've only had one snow storm and it wasn't really even a 'storm'. To add to that, I bought a lovely LONG down coat this year. I stubbornly wear it even in 50 degree weather, haha! i have to get my money's worth:)
    Creating art makes me feel grounded, for sure. That is really about it. I am in my 40s and I feel as if my whole life is chaotic lately. THe only thing that calms me is painting, and also meditating. I try to do that for 15 minutes a day. If I don't do it, I know I'm screwed.