Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.
- Nido Qubein

Almost a year ago, in June 2011,
I participated in a fabulous e-course called
Do what you love, with Beth Nicholls.

It changed things for me and opened more doors
than i ever thought possible.

So when I got the opportunity to share my story
on the Do What You Love website,
I embraced it.

Some say opportunity doesn't knock twice,
but I believe opportunity knocks all the time -
we just don't always answer the door.

So last night, I was in the mood for a mixed media collage.

I began cutting little words that all seemed perfect somehow,
and within a few minutes, 
I had about 20 words waiting to be glued to the page.

Yet after i finished my curly watercolour tree,
only two of the words really stuck out
and begged to be chosen.

So I chose them.


This morning,
I get an email from the lovely Beth,
telling me that my story is being shared on her website today.

You can find the shared story (and others) here.

Some days just feel like they're filled with grace.

I'll just grab a coffee, put on some good music
and paint.


  1. I love your curly watercolour tree and I'm so happy to only see the words Hello World. Simply stated and beautiful. I'm off to read your story.
    Stay inspired!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story and the incredible artwork that accompanied it. You're incredible!
    Stay inspired!

  3. How lovely Pauline! Yes it's great to be feeling that way, just content and happy. And when we paint and enjoy the whole process, well that's quite magical I think. Have a happy week filled with grace!

  4. Loved reading your story and your lovely art work Pauline, so positive!

  5. Such a lovely story... "Hello world", perfect! :]
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I loved reading your story, and it resounded with me as I'm at the moment trying to work up the courage to keep doing what I love, to make jewelry. Deep inside I know that my heart knows what I have to do :-)
    The tree is so beautiful!

  7. Your journal spread is so lively and colorful! Love it! What a way to embrace the world!

  8. Great story and I love love love all of the art!

  9. Love your piece! Sometimes the trick is knowing when to stop... Off to read your story!!

  10. Pauline, I loved being surprised as I sat with my morning coffee by visiting Beth's blog and seeing your story. Absolutely beautiful! I am also friends with Janet so it was fun to see her story too!

  11. I love it when you start making one thing, and something else comes out instead :)

  12. My heart is filled with gratitude these days...
    thank you all so much for being such a wonderfully supportive community. Today, i am finding time to visit your blogs... xoxo

  13. Pauline, I really enjoyed reading your story...very inspiring.

  14. Just popped over to read your story. It's a very powerful story. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring so many others, including myself. I love your artwork!