Monday, February 27, 2012

big dreams

Hey folks - it's Monday! 

I bought a few wonderful books lately
in the hopes of keeping myself inspired.

When i read the first few pages of this wonderful book,
I knew it was exactly what i was looking for.

So inspiring.

A few posts ago, I made a comment about dreaming BIG.

Over the weekend, I was at the Costco.
For those who aren't familiar with the Costco,
it's basically a place where you can buy things in bulk,
like a jar of peanut butter the size of a Buick,
or paper towels in packages of a million.

ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

But as i stood in line at the cash register
and looked at all the other baskets full of stuff -
and the zombie-like faces staring into space,
I wondered about the dreams of those around me.

It made me think about how there is as much value
in a small dream
as a big one.

Maybe the woman next to me
wanted to become a published author,
or the man behind me
wanted a herb garden in his back yard.

Some people need a herb garden to give their life meaning,
others need the Taj Mahal.

Whatever your dream is...
however big or small
the important thing is to keep moving towards it.

To make little changes towards a more
fulfilling life for yourself.

To take baby steps.

The saddest thing would be
to take no step at all.

To decide that your dream isn't worth it.

It absolutely is worth it.
Trust me on this one. :-)


  1. This is so colorful and vibrant! You are so right- what you dream about isn't as important as having a dream. I hope this inspires more to dream & more to support others on their dream -whatever it may be!

  2. Wow! Wonderful creation and so inspiring ~ thanks for sharing this post ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/CED

  3. yes... keep moving toward our dreams & feeding the soul. i'm reading this book also - love it! xoxo Kristina

  4. Such a lovely post and important reminder. Not to mention your beautiful piece!! xx

  5. Hello Pauline, great to read your musings, dreams, big and small, big steps, small steps, I agree the important thing is the step made however small. Thanks for sharing with us. xx

  6. Inspiring post as always Pauline, what is your dream?

  7. oh Jennibellie... i still don't know how to answer that question - although i'm getting much closer with time.
    - write
    - make art
    - inspire others to follow their hearts
    - travel the world
    - make money (at least more than i'm making now) :-)

  8. Thanks for the great post, Pauline! You are always so encouraging. :0)