Sunday, April 12, 2015

the awakening

Hello peeps of the world...
Finally, the snow here is beginning to melt
and i feel an energy within
that i haven't felt in months.
I never found winters difficult
but I must say this one was a little heavy.
I haven't felt like myself in a while
for several reasons - 
let's just say the weather and the job
are 2 of those reasons.
So i'm quite happy to see
that little river of water on the road.
Other than the weather improving,
what's even MORE exciting
is that my 9 to 5 contract ends on May 12th,
so I get to be myself again
and find a way to express this 
compressed creativity
i feel inside.
To all the artists out there
who have full time jobs that are not so creative,
i'm sure you understand.
Working full time
means far less energy for the fun stuff.
It means more frustration.
It means our minds are preoccupied
with something other than art 
for at least 8 hours a day,
and although the idea of making art
after a day at work sounds wonderful...
my mind (and more importantly, my heart!)
are not always in the right place.
I am often just too tired.
But making art to me (and to you?)
is as important as breathing,
so it's not like we can just say,
"oh well. We'll do it in 6 months"...
But as you can see in the above painting -
mama bear is beginning to awaken.
So i'm surrounding myself
with inspiring books and words
and i'm spending as much time
outside as I can.
Being in nature always makes me feel better.
Here are two of the books
I keep near my table
for little snippets of inspiration.

These little books may be small in size,
but don't let that fool you.
So much to offer...

I painted this a few weeks ago
but didn't feel brave enough to share it.
I'm feeling brave enough now. 
...and I can't wait to give this book
the time it deserves.
I've always loved handwritten letters,
and letters written from artists - well,
what's not to love?
The lips of Frida Kahlo.
These books are such gems
because not only is the reader part of the intimacy,
but I feel like we learn so much
about the person writing the letter
and there is always so much to learn
about one another, don't you think?
And it's always so reassuring to me
that I'm not crazy
and that someone in 1875 felt 
exactly the same way I did
about art and life.
Or maybe we're just both crazy?
Either way, I'm not alone.
Love this.
I just do.
Hugs to all of you.
Especially those of you who really need it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

how much snow can a winter snow?

hello friends...
I have a headache tonight,
but i'm posting this anyway.
Must be all the chocolate.
I've painted a few things lately...
I don't like this one but i'm sharing anyway.
It feels too aggressive to me
although I enjoyed painting it.
Isn't it strange
how you can be painting something
almost in a trance
and when you get done & look at it,
you think "what the hell is THIS?!"
(At least I ask myself this question)
And as you can see,
spring hasn't yet happened here.
We are in the 'dirty snow' stage of the season...
This was taken a few weeks ago,
so we have a bit less than this now.
Still lots to go.
Another painting
with happier colours
Polar bear on a funky background
If it's gonna look like Alaska out here
I may as well pretend it is. :)
I like this one a lot more.
It took about 15 minutes to paint. 
acrylic on paper

Motels & cabins near our home,
still covered in snow

the setting sun
and yes, that's the roof of the motel
you see at the top of the snow.
And a lovely sunset behind the trees.
I wanna say 'it's beautiful'
but after months of snow & cold
i'm not so sure anymore.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

books, art and ocean make my heart happy

hello everyone!
Last weekend,
i did what any crazed, middle aged,
menopausal woman would do
to keep herself from killing someone
or landing in an asylum.
i ran away from home!
So much fun.
I highly recommend it. :)
didn't run very far,
but it's not the distance that counts -
it's being away from everything!
Halifax (Nova Scotia) is about 2 hours from here
and this, my friends, 
is the beautiful new Halifax Central Library.
Isn't it gorgeous?
The building was designed to look
like books stacked one over the other.
 ...and this is what you see when you first come in.
A wall filled with mini rectangle paintings!
What's not to love?
 Beautiful angles & natural light inside...
and a loooooooong way down from the top.
Halifax is filled with funky little shops like this one...
and this one...
and warnings like these,
for those who dare try to steal candy. :)
A lovely walk on the snowy boardwalk
 pigeons enjoying the sun
and a pirate ship,
waiting for warmer days. :)
And of course,
no visit to Halifax is complete
without Theodore the Tugboat!
This bright yellow face floating on the blue water
was all I needed to make my heart happy again!
Thanks for hanging out with me here.
Wishing you all green lights & good coffee.