Monday, February 13, 2012

risk life & sad girl

On some nights, i feel a real lack of inspiration.

Last night was one of those nights,
but still, i felt like painting,
so i decided to doodle.

Doodling is like bubble gum for the brain.

Sometimes, we just need to recharge
and not over think or over analyze things.

Doodling is great for this,
although  I think i need to let loose more.

My doodles seem a little too organized
and logical.

Then this morning,
I felt a little more inspired,
although perhaps not blissfully happy. 

Do you ever feel sometimes
like you're putting on a happy face,
when in reality, on this particular day,
you're not really that happy?

That's what i was thinking about this morning,
and about how some days
are just more difficult  than others
for some people.

After i finished the painting
I still felt like something was missing
until i added the words.

As soon as the words were part of it,
i knew it was done.

Nothing for the Louvre,
but I kinda like her.



  1. Oh, I like her too...she looks very French to me. :) You've inspired me to return to doodling, which I haven't done in a months.

  2. Such different but wonderful pieces. I love the phrase "bubble gum for the brain". The organization and logic of your doodle is what really appeals to me (and that fabulous pink). Your sad girl is a perfect expression of that feeling I'm sure we're all familiar with.

  3. We all have those days and you've captured the feeling quite well. Love the colors in your doodles! I doodle alot and it always end up looking planned and organized. Never is though it just turns out that way. :0)

  4. I can't help but try and analyze the red scarf. Adds a deeper element i think!

  5. Oh those days are all too plenty for me at the moment, feel like my mojo (& my smile) is more often on holiday than at home, but my dear if you can create these wonder filled pages on those days you are truly one inspirational woman! xx

  6. I like her, too! This is exactly how I am feeling right now. The words definitely finished the piece perfectly!

  7. "Bubblegum for the brain", I love it. Haven't doodled for a long time. Maybe I should go and start again.

    As for your wonderful painting, it seems like everybody who's anybody is wearing a neck scarf these days :)

  8. Love your bubble gum! It is fun and full of color and doodles. Your sad girl is a real girl- not every day is perfect (as my hair can attest since it has some very off days which isn't a big life deal but it sure felt like it yesterday to me).

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments... yes, the neck scarf. Nigel, your comment made me laugh. I guess that means I must be "somebody" then. :-)
    I think we can all relate to 'not feeling like smiling' now & then. And Jenny - fear not - this too, shall pass. :-)

  10. Hello Pauline, yes some days are like that, we need them too, good to just be with the feeling and not fight it, your piece expresses that and that's great!

  11. I have to say I've had a few of those days too, and it's so hard not to fight it. The sad girl is such a beautiful expression of that feeling. Amazing :)

  12. Doodling is bubblegum for the brain is perfect.... but I am with you in that mine are pretty organised too, but I think that is because I like clean colours and things and get frustrated by too many layers... not that I'm intense or a perfectionist or anything... okay I kind of am, well at least when I'm not being a complete fool...xx