Wednesday, February 22, 2012

europe and standing tall

I started this painting yesterday.

It's for the sister of a friend who travelled across Europe
on her bicycle.

The grey-ish blue-ish purple path you see on the left
will eventually look like a bike path,
and she'll be on it with her bike. :-)

And the middle part will eventually look like water.

It's nowhere near done
but i'll post more pics when i have it finished.

... and this was last nights' fun.
mixed media collage.

I'm just noticing how crappy the hair looks right now  :-(
I may add a bit to it before the end of the day.

I saw a poster the other day that made me smile.

Carpe the hell out of this diem.

Don't you love it?
So yeah, that's what i wish for all of you today. 

To seize the hell outa this day,
wherever you may be on this big blue ball in the sky.


  1. I love your landscape painting. I can't wait to see it all done. It will be a really cherished piece for your sister's friend. And yeah some days you do just need to stand a little taller - thanks for the reminder! xoxo Kristen visiting from CED

  2. Carpe the hell out of the diem!! Love it!!!

  3. Your painting of the little vilage is lovely the way it is, but I look forward to its progression.

  4. She's going to love the painting showing her biking! Love your collage - fun all around with an important message!

  5. Thanks for your most recent visit & lovely comments to my site. My apologies for not getting over soon. Lots going on here. I love your artwork you are creating here! Nice to meet you via blog land!

  6. LOVE IT!!
    YES... very inspiring! ((hugs))
    This is such a wonderful mixed-media collage.
    And, I love the painting, such a delightful gift to offer, lucky gal! :]

  7. Your progress painting is looking lovely! I really like the composition. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Great message!

  8. Pauline, you really are a favourite! Your bicylce painting is going to be truly great, I love the flow of it and the bright colours, so fresh! Thanks so much for sharing. xx

  9. I love your landscape it has such a gentle dreamy feeling. And the collage is so fun!

  10. I love your collage and that 'Carpe the hell..' is too funny! I'm gonna post that on my FB tomorrow:)

  11. I loved the 'standing tall' and, no I don't think her hair needs any changing. The bicycle painting looks like its going to be great.