Friday, May 18, 2012


It took me four years to paint like Raphael,
but a lifetime to paint like a child.
Pablo Picasso

Picasso - painted last night.
Watercolor on paper.

Sometimes, I just feel like copying what i see.

No big revelations
or  inspirations
or color combinations.
(hey, that could be a song...)

I just paint what i see.

Don't you love the texture in this paper?

Paper makes all the difference in the world.
i can paint with dollar store paints,
but the paper needs to be top notch.
Especially for watercolors.

By the way, do you ever check the stats on your blog
to see how many visitors you've had in a day?

Well, i do.

Here are my stats for the day so far...

Isn't that amazing?

That technology allows us
not only to connect with one another
on this huge blue ball in the sky,
but to KNOW who we're connecting with!

When i first began to blog
i told myself it didn't make a difference 
whether people visited or not.
That i was doing this for myself,
to get more comfortable
with putting my work out there.

But there's more to it now.

It does matter.
You do matter to me.

It was a strange feeling
when i first saw that i had visitors
from all over the world.

Something magical happens
when you realize you've just communicated
with someone in Taiwan,
or Russia,
or the UK
or India...

At least it's magical for me.

So thank you to all you lovely visitors,
whether you comment or not.

It melts my heart
to know that someone out there
may be inspired
by my words or my art.

I hope it's you.

Wishing everyone a great weekend,
wherever you happen to be in the world.

I am linking this to Paint Party Friday,
Creative Every Day
and for the first time ever,
Illustration Friday

Come on over and check out
some of the great stuff there!


  1. Wonderful painting! I definitely agree about the paper. I love all kinds of paper and am still working on not being too afraid to ruin the lovely stuff ;).
    Stay inspired!

  2. Sometimes I just feel like copying too, but it never EVER looks this good! Wowser. I can't stop looking at it. xx

  3. WOW!!!
    This is fantastic work, Pauline. :]
    You out did yourself here... love it. ((hugs))
    Yes, I do love the texture of this paper.
    I agree... "top-notch" paper is all you need.
    Thank you for this reminder about about your stats, something to be mindful about, right?
    Take care.

  4. Pauline your painting is just fabulous, you've captured his expression and the soul of the picture! I always love visiting you and reading what's on your mind, so very grateful to have found you, out there my fellow blogger friend. xx

  5. Your painting is so amazing. You are truly gifted as an artist to be able to render this image so skillfully, capturing the mood of the original photo.

  6. I may not have a chance to comment all the time, but you definitely do inspire me through your blog posts.

    Your painting of Picasso looks fantastic on that paper. I have actually been veering away from textured paper lately, but now I'm tempted to work on textured paper right now. :)

  7. Your watercolor is amazing! I just went to a Picasso exhibit at the museum and his work is so magical- and it is tough to capture that child like quality when you are not a child. Blogger has some cool stats- broken down by country even!

  8. Fantastic watercolor ~ and wonderful post ~ agree about paper also ~ and the stats ~ magical time we live in ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  9. wow your portrait is awesome, such wonderful art. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. I'm one of the 85 from UK! <>
    Great job with the watercolour face. I especially appreciate the difficulties of doing realistic portraits, now that I've spent the past few weeks drawing faces. I often copy to learn specific skills, so in that sense I rather enjoy doing so. By the way, I don't think I can paint remotely like Raphael after 4x4 years, let alone four....

  11. Oh my.. you are really an artist, he looks so much like Picasso, I cannot see the difference!

    Beautiful! :)

  12. Pauline,
    What an amazing portrait of Picasso!
    And that is one of my favorite quotes!
    I do love the texture of that watercolor paper and all those rich warm grays you mixed>
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. Lovely watercolor you created. I adore PP..He is a wonderful creative and inspiring artist. I am intrigues by his hand. I s would have loved to be lucky enough to hold his had and look at it close up - isn't it amazing what he can do?


  14. Paper does make a big difference, but so does paint for me. Great job on Picasso.

    I have looked but it was a long time ago. I will have to peek again. I was shocked, also, but people stopping by from all over the world. Way cool!! :):)

  15. Magnificent painting. I'm a 'paperaholic' so, I know what you mean about the texture of paper.
    Happy Painting.

  16. Your watercolor is amazing - LOVE your work and the insights that you share here! It is cool to see stats like that - I've had people from dozens and dozens of countries visit my blog and it is a thrill!

  17. ...and you have a visitor from Indonesia too, some random country :D

  18. Man, Pauline, that is a super painting! Really amazing. I agree about the paper. And the paint. If I have to cut corners, it is on the paint. Love this post. I have gone through the same process as you have (not caring... to wow! New friends!)

  19. I am with you on the paper, but I love hot pressed.... that smooth smooth whiteness is just perfect... we also have this fine tooth draw and wash paper that is just awesome... Picasso is very cool... and I love just painting what I see... very relaxing and meditative... have a cracking weekend...xx

  20. Enjoyed stopping by and looking through your work.

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  23. Pauline
    Wow, love your work.

  24. Nice! (Paper matters a lot to me too--and this one is great). Interesting how big Picasso's face was proportionally to his head.

  25. Wow...this painting is just amazing. You captured the intensity of the photo perfectly, but gave it something extra.

  26. Hi Pauline, So glad to steal a chance to come over to your blog for a few minutes.. I have so much to get updated with..
    Love your Picasso!! and his quote!!

    can't believe the sun actually has warmth today.. hope it is shining on you too as you wander on your nearby shore.. perfect day to steal a bit of time for that too.
    Cheers, xoxo, Gwen

  27. Magnifico your Picasso! to my also seems fascinating to be able to know how to live and work in faraway places. Saludos

  28. It is magical isn't have all these different "strangers" reading. I get a mushy, melty heart too. :) Your portrait is fabulous! I LOVE it. That quote is one of my favorites too. Have a beautiful weekend!!

  29. great likeness! Wow! you have people from all over the world looking! maybe because I am afraid of shipping to many of the more exotic countries, so I don't have many from countries other than the USA or Europe.

  30. Wonderful..gorgeous portrait!
    Fabulous work!yes..the texture is magnificent!

  31. oooh I love that Pablo :) and I love your Pablo as well! Wonderful work. Do you ever paint on hot-pressed? I rarely do as i like cold-pressed, just wondering what you thought of it.

  32. Your work is lovely!! Really wonderful! I agree it's fascinating who we connect with!! I love and appreciate everyone too!! Great post!!

    Hugs Giggles

  33. Love the painting!!!! I need to try some really good watercolor paper ...right now I"m using middle of the road :0)

  34. Your talent is awesome to see. Maybe with many years of practice... So well done. Wow.

  35. You did quite an amazing job on the Picasso portrait. I agree about paper, it makes a very big difference in the work.

    It is wonderful that people all over the world can get a peek at what you are doing. I love the thought of someone on the other side of the globe is connecting, even if only in a small way with me.

  36. Wow, it's striking! Love the last close up!

  37. Pauline, your work is incredible. I love coming to visit and seeing not only what you have painted but what you say. I too love receiving comments from people and knowing where they are from. I started blogging to be able to express myself but now it has become so much more than that. It is amazing to get to know people all over the world and learn about their life and their talents.

  38. That's a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL the texture and the art. I don't think recreating is easy...It's so difficult to get everything right! And yes, I feel inspired too to hear from blogger friends from far and wide. It really makes my day too :)

  39. potrait, my greatest fear.....and what amazing is that piece of work, i cant admire enough - hugs Sunayana

  40. That. Is. Beautiful! You are a super talented lady. Your stats are so cool! So many in other countries. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Hi Pauline! Thank you so much for writing such a lovely comment about my Celtic crafts/paintings on Denise's Harvest Moon blog. I love your work - you are a very talented and gifted artist. This painting of Picasso you've done is absolutely brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad I found your blog through Denni's art blog. It's so fantastic the way all artists and crafters can find one another and share their love of all things creative.

  42. Hi Pauline! I just had a very nice visit on your blog, and was very inspired by your versatility. Your Picasso painting is very nice. Sometimes I like to just copy a good piece, too. I find there is much to learn just by mimicking others brushwork. Welcome to Illustration Friday! I find it a very good structure for practice and improvement. I hope you will too!

  43. Very nice paintings! Awesome works of art! Just dropping by and viewing your works. I'm from Asia!

  44. THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful comments. Being part of such a supportive creative community really does good for the soul. :-) xoxo

  45. Really wonderful watercolor - what an amazing likeness! I also love that it is monotone as well.

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