Saturday, February 25, 2012

intuitive painting and Carissa Paige

Good morning lovely people!

Don't run away yet -
give me the chance to explain this mess.

I love Friday nights.

I often feel more creative on Friday nights
although i'm  not sure why.

Maybe just the letting go of the week,
good music on the CBC,
knowing i'm sleeping in the next morning...

whatever it is, I ride the wave.

So when I got the sudden urge to paint intuitively,
I sat myself down and began.

Started with a horizontal canvas (3ft x 2ft).
I love small canvases, but somehow for me,
intuitive painting is more fun on a larger scale.

Then i flipped it around
and saw the outline of a face.
(do you think we see what we want to see?)

i love faces, so there you go.

So i carried on vertically
and filled in a few spaces,
with one colour or another.

In the end, I kinda like it,
even if the face looks like an alien.
(or as my son said, "looks like Avatar")

The important thing is, it was so much fun to do.
So liberating.
And no, there was no wine involved. ;-)

This process of doing a painting in layers is often surprising.
I'm nowhere near mastering this like Flora Bowley,
but i really don't think it matters much what the end result is.

That's the beauty of it.

To start a painting without any idea where it's gonna go,
to have a blast in the middle,
and more often than not,
to be pleasantly surprised in the end.

On another note,
yesterday was like Christmas here when i got this in the mail.

I bought this print (OWN YOUR STORY) by Carissa Paige on Etsy
(thank you Danielle Daniel for giving me her name!)
and Carissa's package arrived yesterday,
filled with such love.

Besides the beautiful print, I get this as well.
A few hand written notes, and more samples of her wonderful work.

This may not be standard for her to send to everyone
so don't go harassing her if you purchase something
and don't get the same package. ;-)

I just wanted to say how nice it is
to be surprised now and then
and how wonderful to see
that there are still people out there
who spread goodness to the world.



  1. I love the painting!!!!! It is so fun to paint that way. Great surprise package as well. Your lucky day!!!

  2. I can see you had great fun with your painting Pauline, what bright vibrant colours and patterns, such a fun piece, great!

  3. Pauline, it is wonderful to receive surprises, especially when they come in the mail.. it always brings big smiles...

    Your work is amazing.. so brilliant and colorful and eye catching... each stroke must bring a new idea... energizing altogether!!

  4. I love, love LOVE your intuitive painting, Pauline! The colours and patterns are so eye-catching.

    What a lovely surprise in the mail too!

  5. Wonderful painting! Love the strength of the colors and the image.

    And such a lovely, thoughtful gift package. You're obviously well loved! xx

  6. Love, love, love your painting!!!
    It is fabulous!! Such vibrancy, such talent!!
    I like getting lovely things in the mail too (who doesn't?). Now I feel inspired to send some homemade cards out to a few friends. Thanks!

  7. Thank you all so much for the comments. Your words always brighten my day. xoxo

  8. Your painting is glorious, so full of colour and so vibrant.

    I think I may have to try Friday night creating :)


  9. WOW! Such a lovely painting :]
    My eyes are dancing around this painting, this is magical!!
    Christmas indeed, thank you for sharing this artist's beautiful work.
    Going to need to add her to my "lovely links", on Friday.

  10. I loved this painting of yours. Its just what I often do and now I know there are others like me! :) Your blog is so beautiful and I loved coming here.