Thursday, February 16, 2012

find your wings

My morning painting, mixed media on cardboard.

And here's my rant for the day.

Things i'll never understand:

People who feel the need (when driving) to hog two lanes instead of one

Peacekeeping with weapons

Most infomercials

Why athletes & coaches make so much damn money

Why daycare workers make so little

Why we look to celebrities for enlightenment
(when most of them are clearly in the dark)

Why pedophile priests are often transferred to other parishes

The Bachelor (the show)

The Snuggie - the blanket with holes in it.
Yes, i know i've complained about it before,
but this one just begs to be repeated

Why little girl pageants (and little girl pageant shows on TV) are legal

Why farmers get so little from governments

Why someone hasn't yet invented a pill to help us become less dependant on pills


On that note,
I wish you all a wonderful day! 

Smile. It's almost the weekend.


  1. Beautiful painting and great post too. I agree with you, except I really like the snuggie! lol

  2. LOL!!! That's ok Julie - i like you anyway. :-)

  3. I love your piece of art for today, Pauline!

    I enjoyed reading your list too. I so agree! I don't own a Snuggie but I can see where they'd be cosier than a regular blanket. With the Snuggie, you wouldn't have to subject your arms and shoulders to the cold air if you needed to reach for things or read, knit, crochet etc.

    I'm totally flabbergasted at what athletes AND celebrities get paid nowadays. It's beyond ridiculous. OH, and those little girl pageants...just CRAZY!

  4. Hello Pauline, yes there are indeed so many injustices, but yes we each individually can make the difference, so keep on smiling, painting doing all that pleases you and have a great week-end! xx

  5. Love the painting. I could comment on the rant, but then I'd have to get the dried frogs out again ;)

  6. This list is perfect, and so is your morning painting, I so agree with everything :-)
    I've been on holiday so it's been a while since my last visit, but now I've browsed through most of the posts I've missed. I love your art style and the little sayings you add, all so wonderfully done.
    Congratulations on having your work accepted by the Brooklyn Art Library!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  7. thank you all for the comments...
    yeah, i go on rants now & then, but it's never too serious or for too long. Wishing you all a wonderfully peaceful (& creative!) weekend. xoxo

  8. very nice illustration! I also agree with you - except for the Snuggie, i mean come on - a blanket with holes in it, that's just awesome :)

  9. Great piece! Red hair AND wings=perfection in my book.

  10. Your morning painting is lovely. I love her flowing long hair.
    I agree with your rant. Everyone loves to give acclaim to celebrities who get all of our attention and accolades. We then feed their ego's more with award shows.
    Gov't doesn't care about farmers because citizens don't remember where food comes from.
    Women who see their daughters as little extentions of themselves need to grow up and stop playing Dolly with their kid.
    I also believe that you can make your own snuggie if you wear your robe backwards.
    Whoops! I believe I just "rant commented".
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Denni, your "rant comment" made me laugh... :-)
    Especially the last part about making your own snuggie by wearing your robe backwards. Yeah, thanks - i'll keep that in mind. :-)
    Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  12. Lovely (sigh)
    Such a wonderful piece of work!
    The soft colors are beautiful and I simply adore her hair.
    Love your list too... there are some things, I don't understand too. :]
    Have a wonderful weekend ((hugs))

  13. i agree with a lot of these! lovely piece!

  14. beautiful! wunderfull colours. Beautiful girl. AND.. I Love this handwriting. SO lovely. Best wishes dit_prinzesschen

  15. What a sweet drawing. I love the colors.