Tuesday, January 31, 2012

love, socks & books

love doesn't always need to be romantic... :-)

I said i would reward myself with a book, so ta daaaaaa! 
A few books. I can rarely ever buy just one book. 

Uncle Tom's cabin is a classic i've never read - it was published in the 1850's
and written by a woman - already impressive. :-)
I can't wait to read it.

I've always loved Jewish history, so i look forward 
to reading Gertruda's Oath as well.

And of course, how could i pass this up?

First of all, it's about Einstein & children, and secondly, it's $4.99.

It was said that Einstein had a great sense of humour.
When i saw this book cover of him in his fluffy blue slippers, 
it reminded me of an interview I once saw on tv
with Alfred Hitchcock.

He was a British film director mostly known for psychological thrillers
like the Birds, Psycho, etc.

In this tv interview, I was surprised at his sense of humour.
He said he once had a dinner party at his house
and arranged so that all the food was blue! 
The bread, the turkey, the potatoes, everything was blue -
even the drinks!

And of course, Hitchcock himself pretended that everything was normal.

Such a sense of humour coming from a man who made a living
scaring people half to death. 

A great reminder that we often
take ourselves too seriously...

we should all have our own colourful dinner parties,
or own a pair of 
fluffy blue slippers. 



  1. I love the socks and saying.Great illustration. I'm a book lover too. So many books so little time!

  2. I love the socks and feet and phrase - wonderful!

  3. Looks like you've chosen some serious reading there so the Einstein book will lighten things up. Your illustration is adorable, and so true....finding a place to belong is loving. Thanks so much for the visit...

  4. Love this illustration, so unbelievably cute. Hahaha I love this story soooo much Pauline, if I ever become a good enough cook (probably not mind) to throw a big dinner party I am soooooooo going to do this lol I so love coming to your blog and finding these bits of wonderful information and stories you tell us, I would love to have a coffee with you and pick your brains about all your favourite ones lol

  5. Your work is such a whimsy ... I love that. Re blue food. As an art student in my college years, I was studying the psychology of color for industrial products. A project I did was to serve white food on blue dishes (chicken, cauliflower etc.) It all looked dead and unappetizing. Then, I had to dye food blue - I made a chocolate cream pie with navy blue whipped cream - the chocolate looked like raw liver - really gross. So,maybe Einstein was trying to save money by serving food no one would eat :-)

  6. What a great story, and I love your fun feet illustration! The middle pair reminded me of someone I know, who (stuck in a very boring job) would wear "Attitude Socks". Funky colors, silly patterns--he said no one else might know, but it gave him a different perspective on the entire day :)

  7. How wonderful!! :]
    So glad you treated yourself to these books.
    The cover of Albert Einstein wearing the blue fuzzy slippers... HA,HAA,HAAA
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy.

  8. Love your illustration!

    I think the Einstein book would be a great read...and what a bargain price! I'm a bookworm too. Love a good read!

    Hitchcock had a great sense of humour by the sounds of things...it probably added a nice balance to his psycho-thriller movies.

    Enjoy your week, Pauline. xo

  9. Lovely legs!!!
    I must now rush off and buy the Einstein book...I remember hearing about it a while ago...enjoy!