Thursday, April 4, 2013

art, good music and kind people make me happy

hi peeps.
it's time for faces! :-)

a tiny acrylic and marker on paper (12 x 12 cm)
There's a video at the end of this post.
It's what i was listening to while i painted last night...
the whole CD, not just the one song. :-)

and then there's this woman... 
i love Jane Goodall, and what she's done with her life.

My first ever blog post was a little watercolor of Jane and a friend...
you can see it here.

I was a woman of few words when i first began blogging.
Now i won't shut up. 

I had a hard time with this one...

i seem to have made her look much older
- something i'm not so sure she would like.

but it is what it is. 
Sometimes there's a likeness,
and sometimes less.
 I certainly tried to give her compassionate eyes.
Whenever i see her on tv, that's always what i notice about her first.
Those peaceful, loving, compassionate eyes.

You can see a lot in a person's eyes.

I then took time to finish this one too -
just added the word and a few magical dots. 

I kinda like it.

I hope you all know how much i appreciate
your kind comments.

The thing that makes me the happiest
is knowing that sometimes,
I may actually inspire someone out there
to make art
or write poetry
or take a walk outside
or listen to music
or bake a cake
or notice the moon
or write a song...
or just be more appreciative of something.


That makes me happy.

Because i believe these are the things
that give life meaning -
and there are too many of us out there
waiting until we retire to find meaning in our lives.

hugs to all of you...

hope you like the song


  1. You are a very brave soul to capture those you admire on paper. I admire your work and am inspired by you and wait upon your next post. Thank you, for being you.

  2. How could you NOT have given her compassionate eyes listening to that beautiful music while you were painting! You did a great job on her likeness.

  3. Thanks Pauline, I feel your embrace, really.
    Jane Goodall is really a very beautiful woman, very beautiful.
    and you've managed to make a perfect portrait!
    i agree with this:
    to make art
    or write poetry
    or take a walk outside
    or listen to music
    or bake a cake
    or notice the moon
    or write a song...
    or just be more appreciative of something
    and your fellow countrywoman (Loreena Mckennitt) is one of my favorites, (in fact I have almost all his albums) :)))

  4. Loved being greeted by that sweet face!! You nailed it!! Beautiful all of it!! And Jane is truly one gorgeous soul!!

    I love your work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Hey Pauline, I have been looking down your blog posts that i have missed for a while. you, talented, amazing girl... I enjoyed everyone. Thank you my dear.

  6. I love Loreena McKennit! :). I love your work, the watercolour of Janr Goodall is wonderful, her eyes have such depth...Then there's the "Dream" piece, it's really resonated with me as it's in the realm of my own art as I endevour to find my own style.

  7. I was pulled here by the beauty of the first face...then Jane Goodall...Pauline you are truly amazing! I am always happy visiting you..not just happy, sure I will be inspired! I love all your faces.

  8. Pauline, I know that you inspire me everytime that I come to visit. Both of your paintings are wonderful. Both of your faces speak volumes.

    Being retired is wonderful but I don't think anyone should wait until then to enjoy life. Each day is special and we need to make the most of it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi, thank you for your wisit to my blogg. I like your painting specily the last one.

  10. Hello dear Pauline, your art is an inspiration to all, just so lovely as always! That woman and dots is so dreamy, so very peaceful! Loreena Mckennit is a great artist, I appreciate her lovely music too, have a great day my friend! xx

  11. Pauline, I love your portraits more than anything. You always capture that often elusive spirit of your subjects so beautifully and convey their unique personalities so clearly. Love to love ya baby!! xoxox

  12. You definitely inspire me! Love all these faces...the Jane Goodall portrait is stunning. Love her and love your work.

  13. You have such a gift with faces, voices and words... just beautiful!

  14. Dear Pauline,

    You just don't realize how talented you are so I'm just going to keep reminding you
    Your friend Lucille

  15. Beautiful portrait. Stunning. So true and deep. Beautiful work. thank you for sharing.