Monday, April 15, 2013

the sound of melting snow...

It wasn't about believing this or that,
it wasn't about good and evil and right and wrong,
it was about finding the strength
to bear the discomfort that came
with being in the world.
- Mark Haddon (The red house)

i love this quote...
because truth be told, sometimes,
it is discomforting to be in the world.

A few pics of the melting snow and ice...
always a welcome sight after months of cold winter...

the thawing out of things...
the waking up of things...

slowly, the ice is transforming...and the blue ocean is visible once again.


You could actually hear the snow melting...

i stood there for a while and thought the sound was as beautiful
as what it must have been like to listen to Mozart live.
Well, ok, maybe not quite as beautiful,
but close.

ice melting and droplets of water,
falling on pools of calm ocean around me...
sounding like a room full of tiny clapping hands.

the sand shifting with the thawing and the tides and the mini icebergs
pushing their way on shore...
snow fences to be mended or torn down.

a parade of picnic tables
just waiting for summer.

Who doesn't love spring?

There's been little art for me lately,
but i wanted to share this beautiful video
of Beverly Hawksley,
and artist and woman i love.

I can't seem to link the video directly here,
so i'll copy the URL and you can just paste it in your browser.

Check it out if you can.
So inspirational.

Wishing you the kind of week that makes you smile.


  1. Thank you, Pauline! Good to see you today :)

  2. beautiful photos and inspiring words. Thanks for sharing the ocean!!

  3. Pauline, see snow melting is to see revival and
    feel that everything restarts, once and again and again.
    and to know where, now, there are only colors of dry grass and ground, at some time, will be green and flowers, makes our heart smile in advance!!!
    have a nice week full of smiles, too!!!!

  4. I really enJOYed your post and the photos of melting snow and emerging summer. the video was a treasure. you always add to my Life whenever you are in it. I "finished" my giraffes. I hung them here in the Wee Cottage. I like what they feel like in the same ways Beverly talks about the processional figures. it was really a treat to have your eyes and thoughts and encouragement. I hope you know that, that you bring JOY and Life and so much more.

  5. Beautiful photography for CED ~ lovely to see Spring beginning ~ ^_^

  6. Beautiful photography for CED ~ lovely to see Spring beginning ~ ^_^

  7. thank you all for the kind comments...
    Currie, your comment turned my heart into mush. :-) Thank you. xox

  8. Love the solace that reigns in these beautiful photos! A silence of nature...where ideas are born.

    Loved the video, her art and perspective all very inspirational!!

    Thanks for sharing....wishing you smiles and love this week!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Stunning photos Pauline. You can feel the awakening... xoxo

  10. wow, Pauline, these photos are amazing. You live in a very beautiful area. I really enjoyed the quote too. Timely!love Fran Txo

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