Sunday, April 28, 2013

i am one with the world - but not with spam.

Excuse me while i kiss the sky.
Jimi Hendrix

no words are necessary, right?
 except maybe beauty

This is what i find at the end of the road
after a long early morning walk.

Some people have attained that guru state
where they feel "at one" with the universe all the time.

i haven't yet.

But in places like this...
i am one with the world.
 or when i'm painting funky oranges... ;-)
a 15 minute sketch done with colored pencils and markers.
i like the rough sketches now and then...
art doesn't need to be perfect.
Art usually expresses a feeling, or an emotion, or a thought,
so actually - it should be anything but perfect.

At least that's how i see it.
 then i did this in my little Moleskin book
micron pen, watercolor and colored pencils.
i found the photo on-line and just added text.

On another note...
i've been getting a shitload of Anonymous spam comments lately.

i hate to resort to the WORD VERIFICATION thing,
but i may finally set it up this week.
18 spam comments in my inbox on one day is too much.

If anyone out there knows of a way to get rid of them
without doing the Word Verification thing, please let me know.

By the time i trash the 10th comment,
let's just say i am not feeling very zen.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday and a great week
filled with health and happy things.
And maybe ice cream.
Or rainbow lollipops.
Or chocolate.

Yes. Definitely chocolate. 


  1. Those photos are breathtaking. I totally agree art should not be perfect. It's the quirky things that tell the story, make you think, make you react. I like your quote with the sketch of the woman with the suitcase.

  2. Well, your post has left me very zen if that helps :). It has soothed me during a time I'm struggling to find a calm inside myself, so thank you a thousand times.

  3. Those photos are beautiful, Pauline!!! And I love your art too!

    The best way to rid yourself of Spam is to NOT ALLOW Anonymous comments and, that way, you don't have to use Word Verification. Go to Settings, then Posts and Comments...and select Registered User. I dislike Word Verification with a vengeance and have never used it on my blog. I find the Blogger Spam detector to be very good but, occasionally, a rash of Anonymous comments may get through so I switch to Registered User only and it fixes it right up.

    Have a great week! xo

  4. Gorgeous sky -- how lucky you are to have that in view when you walk!
    Loved your funky oranges too!
    I agree about the Anonymous, don't allow it. It seems that if someone really wanted to have a conversation with you on your blog they should have the curtesy to give themselves a name! That said, some spam still gets posted but Blogger has gotten better about catching it. Good luck!

  5. Breath taking photos!!!! I've been hit with the "ANONS" too :( So I'm off to reset my blog .
    love the oranges too♥

  6. Yes, I just had dark chocolate...twice today! :)
    Beautiful landscape photography.
    And I love your vibrant oranges and the the message in image in your moleskin sketchbook. Wonderful!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Serena, THANK YOU!!
    (and to the rest of you for the lovely comments!) xox

  8. Milky Way today! I haven't had the problems with spam- and I could care less about word verification if it means you will continue to post :)
    Love your work! Here's to less spam!

  9. Gorgeous photos of your zen space at the end of your road...delightful!!

    Your oranges and girl with the suitcase and perfect quote also beautiful...

    A for spam they start with a few and then it double and triples...until it's unbearable. When it got to 45 a day I was certain I would lose it!! At first I used word verification again which is a pain. After some advice from a savvy blogger I did what Serena said and no problem since...thank goodness....

    Have a great week ahead Pauline!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Those photos are breathtaking ....
    Same here: got more and more spam, but they're all from anonymous users. So just turn it off, and all's well again ...:-)

  11. Beautiful photos Pauline, so peaceful! Sorry to hear about all that spam, sounds like you need word verification on again. Best wishes for a creative and happy week! xx

  12. BEAUTIFUL work... Pauline!! ~xx
    The photos lave you "speechless" indeed. :]
    Love seeing your sketches in your journals.

    ** sorry about the issues with spam, such a hassle... but I m thrilled to know you got a handle on it all.

    Take care, my dear friend.

  13. That orange looks juicy enough to eat!!

    And spam??? UGH!! I had to put word verification on for awhile to get rid of it on my blog.

    And then this weekend? I switched to wordpress...and wondered why I'd waited so long to do it!