Thursday, January 24, 2013

sometimes you just need to scream and shout...

hello people of the world.

A quick little collage this afternoon.

You may see this one again soon.
I'm working on an e-book - a combination
of art and writing
and this piece was done to accompany
something i wrote a few years ago
about a dying friend.

i can't wait to show it to you all.

but for now, just the art.

Sometimes the darker themes
are the most profound, don't you think?
The most honest.

I read this quote years ago
(can't remember who wrote it!)

Bear your sadness with greater trust
than your joy.

If the world was filled with happy people
living in happy places
with happy jobs
surrounded by happy bubbles
and happy birds chirping
and happy rainbows...

i think i'd want to slit my wrists. ;-)

Life isn't always happy,
so art can't always be happy either.

At least not my art.

That's what i love about art.

If you learn to get out of your own way
and give your art the space it needs
to say what it wants to say,
it can be nothing but truth.
So after the collage, I decided to paint
this little sketch i did a while ago.
Not exactly as the sketch,
but close enough...
a few healing colours...
a bit more detail in the face...
cleaner white lines around the hair...
I'm not quite done with it yet,
so i'll post it again when it's done.

Someone sent me this today
and it cracked me up,
so i wanted to share with you.

This was the note attached to the message:

I get this poem every winter & every winter I love re-reading it.
It's a beautiful poem and so well written.

A poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

The End.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

If you can't smell the roses,
play in the snow -
and if you can't play in the snow
you can always drink wine. ;-)



  1. I do so agree with you. My best work comes from times of deep darkness.

  2. Satisfaction can be sad?
    I feel satisfaction when I see your art, but not sadness
    What does this mean?
    perhaps, in happiness there is sadness, and there is sadness in happiness,
    The shadow is nothing but a way to see the light?

  3. Or you could drink wine, whilst playing in the snow :D

    As for life being full of angels of light, bluebirds and rainbow coloured unicorns; sod that. Give me an Irish war goddess, crows and spiders any day - much more interesting :)

    Without darkness, there is no light; without night, no day; without sorrow, no joy.

    Or maybe I've been listening to too much Leonard Cohen!

  4. Okay - that poem made me laugh out loud!!
    Your painting based on your sketch is beautiful (LOVE the tiny touches of lime)- I see serenity, peace and calm in the painting - not so much in the sketch. Maybe you were feeling better at the time when you were painting than how you felt when you sketched?

  5. Agree with what you say. Both paintings are excellent, great colour choices. Good luck with the e-book. My daughter recently published an e-book on Amazon and is delighted with the result. So here's to great success to you, you deserve it.

  6. I love all waht I can see here!

    xxx Susi from Austria

    hosting the monhly challenge

    would be happy to see you there onde this year Pauline!

  7. Such fun checking out your post Pauline, always of interest and that blue lady, oh she's so peaceful and lovely, she cools my mind immediately!

  8. You are able to pack so much emotion into each and every post. You have me up, then down, then in love with your painting of the lady in blue, and I finish reading with a laugh. This is exactly what life is all about. Not one emotion but many. Each one is important, each one teaches us something about ourself and life. Thank you once again Pauline for a great post.

  9. or you can paint the snow with (red)wine! haha. Great projects you made! and i love the short poem about the snow! Have a nice weekend.

  10. I really enjoy reading your post! my favotite is your collage! Very interesting :) Conny over AJJ

  11. I'm still laughing from the poem and cleaning ginger ale off of the computer screen where it landed after laughing so hard :0) Art is often sad for me too.... it's life and life can be very sad sometimes but that's what makes the happy times so great♥♥♥

  12. Both pieces are just wonderful Pauline. I love how you are willing to explore any emotion necessary (for they are all necessary) with your art. Thanks for the great poem! xx